NASA has recently announced that it will fund small businesses with big ideas. Through this initiative, it is providing funds more than 400 business ideas aimed at creating something big. With this, the latest batch of small business gets a total of $51 million in fundamental early-stage funding. According to the latest reports, the businesses under “phase I” projects get up to $125,000 funds to bring their innovative technologies to the marketplace.

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The independent agency of the United States NASA mainly is planning to help businesses that aim at creating technologies ranging from Ai based medicinal assistants to plumbing fixtures suitable for the moon. It will be interesting to observe the work of this business in the upcoming time.

Through this funding initiative, the agency is helping Small businesses mainly focusing on Innovation and Research programs. This step will help entrepreneurs and inventors in changing their work from lab to business accessibility. The money provides to all the businesses is funding and not an investment, and the Phase I recipients are also eligible for the next phase if they actually do something great.

The associate administrator for NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, Jim Reuter, said that- “NASA depends on America’s small businesses for innovative technology development that helps us achieve our wide variety of missions,” he added that “Whether we’re landing Artemis astronauts on the Moon, sending rovers to Mars or developing next-generation aircraft, our small business partners play an important role”- Reuter further added.

The United States Federal Government agency selection always covers a lot of disciplines from a broad range of industries. Among NASA’s highlights, the funding of $51Million helps hundreds of businesses across 44 states and Washington, D.C. The funding will support the development of various technologies that can help in space exploration. The small business projects involve around high-power solar arrays, a water purification system that can be used on the moon, for urban flight a smart air traffic control system, and superior lithium-ion batteries.

There are 6 Washington State businesses are under NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research program or SBIR. The Phase I contracts list businesses are mainly focusing on machine learning techniques and various strategies to speed up, moderately than computer attempts to accurately develop the spikes and plasticity of neural networks.

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List of 6 Washington state proposals funded through NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research program:

  • Jeeva Wireless, Seattle
  • Off Planet Research, Lacey
  • Okean Solutions, Seattle
  • Retrocausal, Redmond
  • Sequoia Scientific, Bellevue
  • Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation – Space, Seattle

In addition to them, two more teams will get Phase I contracts in the SBIR program, recognized as STTR.

The two Washington state teams funded by SBIR through STTR:

CubCrafters, Yakima

Convergent Manufacturing Technologies US, Seattle

NASA’s Small Business Innovation Research program is one of the federal government’s inadvertently best-kept secrets that help inventors and entrepreneurs to boost their business ideas.

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