Travel is the only thing on which you spend money and it makes you richer. It is still a reason to rejoice for many whereas for others, it becomes a regular part of their work. Whatever the purpose may be, we all need to plan our travel and face same similar troubles when we land on a different geographical area. Travel apps have gained huge attention recently as they offer complete flexibility and convenience in keeping things managed while traveling.

UAE remains the most preferred spot among gulf nations for tourists and business travelers for many valid reasons. So, if you are also planning a tour to UAE, you must arm yourself with the best travel app to avoid any kind of inconvenience or disappointment. We have discussed some top-rated apps in UAE that you can choose among to make your trip striking.

Apps one should have while Travelling in Dubai-

RTA Dubai

This is an award-winning and one of the top apps in UAE that will offer you complete information on arrival and departure time of all public transports available in Dubai in real-time. The app supports three languages; English, Arabic, and Russian, and also supports wearable watches. Registration for new users is a simple and straightforward process and once you are done with it, you can discuss anything with RTA agents through live chat feature.

The personalized dashboard allows you to view emergency contact numbers, government services, and whether conditions for safer travel. You can top-up your nol balance and view trip history as well.

XE Currency

XE Currency

Converting rates in your home currency while travelling can become a bit tedious. The app perfectly caters to currency conversion so that you can keep a tab on how much you have spent in your home currency. So, if you want to convert your spending from AED to USD, or AED to INR, this app is your best friend while travelling in the UAE.



This app is a UAE version of Uber and is extremely useful for tourists and travelers to grab taxi swiftly and that too, at affordable rates. The travel app development company in Middle-East has developed this quite comprehensively to aid people access swift cab services. You will get to choose various car types from the app which are in good condition. The drivers understand English perfectly and can guide you through the local routes to reach anywhere swiftly.

Epic Reality

Epic Reality

Epic reality is an AR-powered travel app that is designed to help tourists & locals navigate Dubai safely. The app acts as a city guide for tourists. It helps to provide real-time updates on the safe and risk zones, as well as vital information related to COVID-19. It also provides updates on health precautions, including social distance practices, facial wear dress code policies, seating capacity, temperature checks, and relative exposure risk based on indoor vs outdoor activities etc. Besides this, users can also use the app to know about the travel tours, events, sightseeing, cafes, and various other things that the city has to offer.

Near Buy

Near Buy

This amazing app is specially designed for shopping lovers. Once you step inside any mall in entire UAE, the app will send you notifications on latest deals and exciting offers on different stores. You can also use filter search option to streamline your search for better results. So, as long as you stay in UAE, you can use this amazing app to shop in any mall.

Google Street View

If you’re in a very unfamiliar place where there are few signs in English (Abu Dhabi for example) you might need more than a map with written street names. Google Street View shares actual images of streets and buildings which could be invaluable if you’re looking for a particular address but can’t read the signs. It’s available for download in English and Arabic.


We can safely say the best travel app on the market is the Skyscanner app! It puts cheap flights, hotels and car rentals all at the push of a few buttons. It has our favorite “Everywhere” search, as well as plenty of other great functions to help you find the best flights out there. The on-demand app development company in UAE has incorporated several exciting features in this wonderful app to aid travelers. It’s available in Arabic and English, according to your profile settings. Read more: 15 awesome hacks to help you get the best from the Skyscanner app.

Emirates App

Emirates App

As the busiest airline flying in and out of Dubai it’s likely that you’ll use it on at least a few occasions, if the price is right! If you do, download the Emirates App and choose your seats, download your boarding pass, request a special meal, check-in, and manage your Emirates Skywards account all in one place.

All these apps will keep you updated on several aspects of traveling in UAE. Traveling is all about comfort and having fun, and all these apps will surely serve the purpose to keep you informed about the local routes, airlines, public transports and best places for shopping.

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