Any chance of a little extra money on the side never harmed anyone- and as we continue to shift our paradigms to the online world, multiple apps help in collecting some extra cash or kind either through cashback offers or even coupons! The UAE has also stepped up to these needs and there is an availability of multiple legitimate sites that not only help in earning but also in saving money.

List of Legitimate Money making apps in UAE-



Neobux is a free popular and legitimate site to make money in the UAE and other countries all across the globe. . You can take marketing surveys, view advertisements, complete offers, play online games, and utilize a referral system to earn money and win unique ad prizes. Cash prizes can be received via PayPal, direct deposits, written checks, cryptocurrencies, Neteller, Skrill, and airTM. The app can also be used to advertise your business.

Usually, you can make up to $90 per month; however, you may also earn a couple of thousand dollars per month if played strategically.

It is a very easily accessible site as it runs on any web browser. To avail of the benefits on Neobux, create an account on and then you can start completing surveys, send referral codes and play games to receive money from your account in USD.

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Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is a free and legitimate money-making site/app in UAE for completing online surveys and completing offers. By referring to a friend you can also get 20% from their earnings and 5% from second-level referrals similarly. You can earn up to $1 – $3 per hour in Treasure Trooper and the minimum payout is $20. You can get your payment via Checks or PayPal, or Gift Cards. It is a web-based platform which makes for very easy availability.

To avail of its benefits, Visit and registering alone earns you $1. You can complete offers and collect real cash at your account upon the approval of offers but you must collect $20 before receiving any payment. On fulfilling this requirement, you can request instant payouts as your wish.



Swagbucks is operating in several countries beyond the UAE such as the USA, India, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the UK (Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand) This is a legitimate application which permits you to acquire ‘focuses’ for shopping by noting surveys, leading inquiries and investigating and welcoming companions. Focuses can be exchanged for gifts going from $5 to $100 from Amazon, Paypal, and Starbucks.

To procure ‘focuses’, you have to shop online at online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks and answer the various reviews and procure gift vouchers along with watching recordings. This would allow you to get focuses and gift vouchers with selective arrangements and offers.  In addition, you can enrol on Swagbucks free of cost through Facebook or your email id. You can likewise procure through references and make some extra focuses. On average, you can make $25 to $100 per month. The amount could be cashed out via PayPal or gift cards as well. It is available on iOs and Android as applications along with the web browser which makes for widespread reach.



Sweatcoin is a legitimate fitness app that pays you to walk and came about as a fitness app to promote a healthy lifestyle through walking. You will be able to earn sweatcoins in this app and redeem them for cash. The app also swears by data privacy and is committed to protecting your private data. For every 20,000 Sweatcoin, you will earn $1000 and you can make up to 20 sweatcoins every day. Sweatcoin is the most important money making apps in UAE.

It is available to download on both Android and iOS devices for widespread, easy availability and you can download the app free of cost. To avail of the benefits, you have to visit sweatco. in. and download the required application on your mobile device. After logging in, the app will start counting your every step and you will collect sweatcoins. Later you can redeem collected sweatcoins into cash. It pays via PayPal.



This is a renowned and legitimate money-making forum in the UAE established in 1997 where you can complete surveys to make money. The surveys will help with data useful in market research and research in social science avenues. Surveys on OpinnionSite will help you to earn points. Similarly, those accumulated points can be exchanged for cash. Every 100 points can be exchanged for $10. You can make $0.5 to $5 for each survey you complete. It is widely available as it is a web-based forum.

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