Mobile World Congress MWC is world’s largest exhibition that depicts latest trends in mobile technology. The summit welcomes innovative ideas from worldwide mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners. The theme for MWC 2021 was “Connected Impact” that represented the impact of mobile connectivity and the flexibility & adaptability that can be incorporated into it in the coming time. In this post, we will discuss some critical aspects of Mobile world Congress 2021 and what technological transformations we an see in the coming time.

Connectivity & 5G Network

Connectivity & 5G Network

Recently, Covid-19 situation really helped mobile industry to gauge its online connectivity. The 5G network emerged between social and financial uncertainties where people explored its fullest potential to connect online for their work, education, and communities. However, the network has been made available publicly for two years but people can hardly find any difference between 5G and LTE. To make users feel the impact of 5G network at its best capability, it becomes imperative for mobile carriers to increase their frequencies at low and high ends of the spectrum. Qualcomm has already unveiled second generation Qualcomm 5G RAN platform for small cells. The platform will bring some major enhancements to radio frequencies where millimeter wave performance will expand to major areas including indoor, outdoor, and around the globe. As per Qualcomm, these advancements will certainly facilitate greater mobile experiences and accelerate 5G performance and availability to users from different corners of the world.

The Role of Wearables

The Role of Wearables

Technology and connectivity have already proved its efficacy during the pandemic where health & wellness tech grew by surprisingly 18.1%. People switched to more wearables and fitness trackers when gyms and outdoor facilities for health and fitness were locked down. However, there was no physical presence of wearables counterpart at MWC 2021, Samsung provided some of its latest wearables here. It introduced 1 UI watch user experience that is a new interface designed to make Galaxy Watch and smartphone experience more connected. Samsung also discussed its partnership with Google that is expected to deliver better performance, longer battery life, and an enhanced ecosystem of mobile apps to its Galaxy Watch. However, no hardware was unveiled at MWC by Samsung but it ensured that users can expect some new devices including Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Watch 4.

Newly Supported Devices for Entertainment

Newly Supported Devices for Entertainment

The year 2020 highlighted some key points in consumption and distribution of creative arts and entertainment. There will be greater responsibility on streaming platforms and the devices they are accessed on to make them more flexible and convenient to reach people’s homes.

Lenovo took the initiative to announce five new Android tablets during MWC including its one of the largest tablets; Yoga Tab 13 that features built-in kickstand, 13-inch display with 2160 x 1350 resolution, 12 hours of battery life and many more. It has proactively pitched this model as “portable home cinema” that will be a perfect device for streaming on-the-go. Lenovo also unveiled Yoga Tab 11 and Tab P11 Plus and all these devices will be available on easy EMEA. Not for just elite class but Lenovo also announced some budget-friendly devices like Tab M8 and Tab M7. The overall scenario at MWC was much inclined towards presenting some smart and user-friendly devices that will prove to be quite instrumental in consumer entertainment.

Increased Emphasis on Mobile Security

The growing world of mobile connectivity demands foolproof and secured devices for users where they can store their personal and professional information with utter reliability. The exciting announcements made at MWC this year represents what future hods for mobile technology and enhanced connectivity. The recent advancements in mobile connectivity have already created a significant impact on consumers lifestyles.

Apart from this, the rise in popularity of mobile devices has also raised concerns regarding cyberattacks and cybercriminals who constantly look to exploit consumers’ reliance on technology. Higher online exposure and interacting with different apps bring you closer to these cybersecurity risks and threats. Cybercriminals take advantage of this enhanced connectivity and according to McAfee, there are 375 new threats that arise each minute which are related to phishing campaigns, malicious apps, malware, and more. Device manufacturers as well as top-rated mobile app development company have to ensure greater security measures and users will also have to keep security on top of their mind.

Exploring IoT to Its Fullest

Various aspects related to IoT app development and device compatibility were also discussed at MWC 2021. Experts are exploring some utterly secured options with IoT to make connectivity both enhanced and secured. Integrating IoT with Blockchain will certainly yield desired results where connectivity and data exchange can be made more reliable. IoT-Blockchain will offer higher security, transparency, and real-time data sharing. At present, security is the least priority for IoT devices manufacturers. A greater emphasis has to be laid on system hardening and software update of IOT devices.


The Mobile world Congress 2021 or MWC 2021 will certainly pave way for some upcoming trends and technologies where consumer security, data exchange, and enhanced connectivity will be at top priority for worldwide deice manufacturers.

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