The mobile app development industry has witnessed enormous growth in the past few years where every business irrespective of its size wants an unmatched software solution for its products. Apart from getting an app developed, you must make sure that you provide regular upgrades to your app according to changing technological trends and consumer behaviors. Moreover, app maintenance is another crucial aspect to keep your users engaged with ultrafine user experience through your app. Otherwise, it takes few seconds for users to uninstall an app that doesn’t perform as per latest trends and technologies. UAE is best known for both app development and mobile app maintenance services. Hence, you can choose a suitable service provider to keep your app maintained and offer unmatched functionalities to keep users engaged with all the thrill and excitement intact. This post will offer you a list of some best mobile app maintenance & support services providers in UAE that will certainly boost your app’s performance and usability as per current market trends.

Fusion Informatics

A renowned and trusted Android app development company in Dubai that is known for its unique and top-notch software solutions along with extensive range of software development services including app maintenance & support. The company has proven expertise in in-depth monitoring of your app that help it to resolve any issue or bug to make sure that your app offer seamless experience to its users. It makes best use of latest technologies to provide required upgrades to your app whether for iOS, Android platforms or for hybrid or web-based applications. Fusion is best known for its exceptional client support services that it offers for various startups, SMs, and large-scale enterprises. There are various app maintenance service models among which you can choose an apt one as per your app’s performance and need to escalate its features and functionalities.


Fluper has now become a brand in app development industry with its innovative approach towards app development and offering an array of services that includes digital marketing and mobile app support services. The company is known for its constant technological innovation that makes it a perfect choice to incorporate newly developed capabilities in your digital product. Whether it’s about testing upgrades, improving existing features, fixing bugs, or integrating feedback & analysis, Fluper excels at all aspects with robust and foolproof performance. The company emphasizes much on retaining its clients by delivering absolute contentment to them and money is something that matters least for it. A major reason why Fluper has emerged as one of the top development agencies not only in UAE but in countries like India and US also. Its highly skilled team and affordable services will certainly compel you to appreciate its thoughtfulness towards clients and in fulfilling their unique software-related requirements.

Sinergia Labs

Mobile app maintenance services just can’t be defined without mentioning this company’s name. Sinergia is best known for its innovation that it best utilizes to make an app perform stunningly complying with latest technologies and market trends. So, whether you have a cross-platform app, web-based app, or a native app for Android and iOS, the company will deliver you best advanced solutions to help your app elevate its performance level and gain maximum users. Bug fixing, increasing loading speed, system updates, data model migration, backend upgradation for support and even identifying the main cause of bugs in an app are some core areas where it will deliver foolproof performance to help you get a smooth performing app to best exhibit your business goals and objectives.

DA Studio, Sharjah

Another proficient app development agency from Sharjah that has successfully catered to various business requirements with exceptional and highly customized mobile app development. The company is highly capable of delivering regular updates to keep your app up-to-date and you can have the latest version for your app as and when required. Even if there are certain features and functionalities that you might to change, it can help you get the latest desired features as per current user behavior. The team at DA Studio will efficiently test for bugs and other technical problems in your app and will deliver the best possible solution to make it perform uninterruptedly. Moreover, the company will also provide regular updates on license renewals and other legal aspects that are required for mHealth apps or businesses that have to comply certain standards.

Global Advanced Technology

Lat but certainly not the least, GAT is highly experienced and expert app development agency in Oman that you can consider for mobile app maintenance. The company thoroughly monitors your app’s performance and then evaluates the best measures that will help it elevate its performance. Whether it’s about adding certain new features or eliminating the redundant ones, GAT has an expert team that keeps providing required updates for your app to make sure that it constantly gains new users. It schedules proper maintenance at regular intervals to help you get ahead of the competition and a good businessman must eliminate the possibility of any error or bug in its app by adopting preventive maintenance. Whatever is the type of your app, this efficient company will perfectly deal all possible hassles and will never let your app loose its credibility among your users.


You will certainly get effective and efficient mobile app support services from these top agencies that we have evaluated on several parameters. App maintenance is an integral part of sustaining your digital presence and allowing your users to rejoice tech-based advancements in app.

Richa Sharma

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