The Short video platform app Mitron on Friday has finally announced that it is slowly witnessing a good hike in its download rate. The platform in a short period has gained a massive surge in terms of videos on its platform. After the ban of Chinese applications like The TikTok, the Indian Mitron app’s viewership has higher than before after the government’s banned on its rival TikTok Chinese apps.

The Mitron app has clocked 9 billion videos viewed in a month since the ban has been announced. The app has crossed 33 million downloads in July and achieved a milestone, and at the end of the month, the app yet achieved another high point.

The Mitron app charting with 33 million downloads has gained huge popularity ever since the TikTok ban. The company had previously announced that it witnessed a reasonable quantity of traffic and people like the features of the app in small towns.

Shivank Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Mitron platform, said that “The idea behind the development of the app was to provide a platform that lets users upload and watch an array of short videos. It is heartening to see the app popularity gained by Mitron within a short period. It is incredible to see millions of new videos created on the Mitron platform. We thank all our users who have been using this app as their daily dose of entertainment”- he said in a press release.

The app at present has gained great fame in India. Earlier, the app experienced several issues that have been resolved now. The app is used by several people living in small cities in India, and people are cherishing the features of the app.

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The CEO of the app also said that-“We are seeing strong traction from smaller cities and towns across the country, with towns like Karnal, Hubli, Bhavnagar, Aligarh, Ludhiana and Vijayawada clocking more than 100,000 users” -Shivank further added.

As per reports, the short-form video app has not been developed by the Indian developers. The team of IIT-Roorkee students has bought the Mitron app from a Pakistani company, named Qboxus. According to all these reports, the code of the app was bought from Qboxus. The code also contains its features and the user interface for just $34 (~Rs 2,600). But, soon after the report, the Google giant removed the app from the Play Store as it violated the terms and conditions, and the app has minimum functionality policy. For now, the app has solved all the functionality issues and gained a noteworthy milestone after the government of India banned 59 Chinese apps in June month. The ban on Chinese apps has boosted the growth of local short video platforms efficiently. 

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