The deadly coronavirus has hit the walls of numerous countries. The source of the pandemic was a deadly virus that emerged from China in December 2019. Governments of various nations have taken strong measures to control the outbreak and most nations are under quarantine.

Worldwide, there are numerous efforts thatare being done by many organizations to create a vaccine for COVID-19. Until then, nations are looking forward to maintaining the social distancing for the foreseeable future.

Anthony Fauci-director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases says “it’ll take up to one year before a vaccine can be developed and approved for public use”.

MigVax, an Israeli startup that is connected with Migal Galilee Research Institute is quite doing great work as they have sped up the process of by a bit, as they have already worked on building a framework for the infectious Bronchitis Virus, a coronavirus that infects chickens and has proven to be safe for other animals.


Nowadays, everyone is cynical about COVID19 and in Israel alone there are multiple efforts done so, the crowdfunding platform OurCrowd is putting $12M into MigVax to help the team accelerate its efforts to develop oral vaccines.

David Zigdon, CEO of the Migal Galilee Research Institute told: “The experiments we have carried out so far show that because the vaccine doesn’t include the virus itself, it will be safe to use in immune-suppressed recipients and has fewer chances of side effects”.

MigVax approach will be advantageous in manufacturing and costs because it uses bacterial fermentation to produce the vaccine. The company said, “we are already in talks with major partners to manufacture at high volume and distribute globally.”

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The bacterial fermentation process is generally understood and common practice in today’s world. MigVax uses a protein vector that forms and segregate chimeric soluble protein that carries the viral antigen into tissues and cause the production of antibodies against the antivirus by the immune system and is adjusting generic vaccine system to COVID19.

OurCrowd CEO said, “we are humbled by the opportunity to invest in this company, which means so many to so many people”. The race for the COVID19 vaccine is about saving countless lives and are grateful to be able to support this important effort.

Shortly before the pandemic hit the world, Medved was already thinking about how companies will fight such a disease. Whoever manages to develop a safe vaccine also stands to gain financially. It is better to fund startup who are looking and performing utmost actions to beat the source of the pandemic.


Many organizations across the world are doing immense work to beat the coronavirus. Amidst all of this, we have MigVax who is finding other resources to beat down the virus.

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