Thales’ unique hardware security module is going to integrate with Microsoft double key encryption and considers organizations to secure customers’ private data in Microsoft 365 applications. It has been declared by Thales, all-new data security measurements are going to be implemented for the users of Microsoft to get encryption benefit from cloud threat.

Microsoft Customers are Getting Help from Thales to Secure Sensitive Data in Cloud

These unique hardware security modules are specially designed for those organizations that access immensely regulated sectors like healthcare and finance. Now, these sectors can purchase and adopt Thales Luna Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) along with Microsoft 365 Double Key Encryption technology. It can comply with different regulations including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and also the suggestions from the European Data Protection Board (EDPR) are following up these regulations II ruling.

Microsoft Customers are Getting Help from Thales to Secure Sensitive Data in Cloud

In this current scenario of remotely working structure heavily depends upon the collective sharing of challenging organizations, and information to balance the confidential data security. It also maintains regulatory conformity while operating workers’ productivity. 

In numerous essentially regulated industries like government actors, healthcare services, and financial services demand high-end security and control. This integration of Microsoft 365 Double Encryption along with Thales Luna HSMs provides the required protections for meeting unique regulatory needs and secure excessive sensitive data.  

Microsoft’s DKE partner Director, Imran Mohiuddin expressed that, their productivity tools and merge with Thales for users’ security developed to allow organizations to sustain in any tough situation. Their Double Key Encryption integration with Thales considers users’ data security requirements, regulatory bounds, and compliance obligations to secure their essentially sensitive private data.  

Microsoft Customers are Getting Help from Thales to Secure Sensitive Data in Cloud

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