The Enterprise open-source cloud database platform MariaDB has finally achieved one more milestone in success. The company announced has announced an extension of $25m in its series C funding process. This funding will help grow its SkySQL database operations platform.

This $25M series funding round was led by SmartFin Capital, along with its already active investors. The latest funding announced by the company is an addition to the earlier C Series funding to expand the cloud base services. This funding brings the company’s total funding to over $125 million.

In addition to the above, the CEO of MariaDB -Michael Howard said that the funding led by SmartFin Capital is an addition of the company’s series C funding and will allow Enterprise open-source cloud database platform to extent SkySQL more speedily.

Nowadays the cloud services are used by most of the companies and have become an important part in companies as it helps them to maintain the operational data. The MariaDB SkySQL is one of a leading start-up open source company and the company behind its tremendous growth is MariaDB Corporation. The enterprise uses this funding to drive growth in its new services.

According to MariaDB CEO Michael Howard-“Expanding MariaDB SkySQL cloud operations is our key focus,”. “There is an addressable and immediate market need with a growing number of companies who want to enable faster innovation and agility by adopting cloud technologies and shifting database management to DBaaS solutions. “he added.

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From the past some years, the MariaDB enterprise solution has risen to be a well-known name in the IT business and this is the reason several investors are happy to work with this recognized organization. The company is trying its level best to bring scalability and flexibility in its work process. Per Roman, the Co-founder and managing partner of GP Bullhound said that they are thrilled to spend in MariaDB, and in the future, we see huge growth for its SkySQL product.

The new project of MariaDB is SkySQL which implements the latest architecture that is not linked with any other cloud platform. This thing makes this platform unique from others. Additionally, SkySQL uses Kubernetes as a platform for container orchestration. The open-source platform for real-time monitoring uses Prometheus and visualization to use Grafana.

This strong architecture used in the cloud also allows SkySQL to extent more effortlessly than any other cloud database. For now, the service is available at $0.45 per hour for Google Cloud Platform, and in the upcoming time MariaDB will expand its support to Azure and AWS in the future, but the dates of expansion are not mentioned yet.

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