The way mobile apps have contributed in accessing health services has completely transformed the scenario in the past few years. Technology and innovation have allowed us to access the best healthcare service on our fingertips with much flexibility and comfort. Blockchain and AR/VR technologies have further added to the value of healthcare services to reach maximum people. Mobile apps have allowed healthcare service providers to streamline communication among their patients and offer personalized care and treatment with real-time updates on health improvements. Moreover, healthcare providers are also leveraging mobile apps as a secure platform to access and manage crucial data without compromising on its security.

In this blog, we have mentioned some best healthcare apps in Dubai which will prove to be a great resource to maintain your health and access the best medical facilities through some innovative and advanced features.

Health at Hand

Health at Hand

This is an amazing mHealth app that encourages people to share their previous clinical history through their profile and access the best expert healthcare service as and when required. The all-in-one health app allows users to join conferences in which they get complete information on specialist’s reports and can also get their prescriptions delivered to their doorstep.

There are different membership plans which users can purchase as per their medical requirements and urgency. Users can view different specialists available and can easily book an appointment. Moreover, the app also updates users regarding upcoming trends and technologies that are beneficial for people in maintaining perfect health.



Another one of the best healthcare apps in Dubai that allow users to discover various specialists depending on their indications and ailments and related healthcare suppliers. The app is efficiently administered by one of the best healthcare companies in Gulf region.

The app comprises immense quantities of clinical experts, emergency clinics, and other healthcare centers that can be easily contacted through this app.


If you have this app on your smartphone, you have the choice to access the best medical care using this app. The app facilitates connecting patients to certified doctors 24×7 through audio and video calls. The doctors that you will get through this amazing app are always ready to listen to their requirements and offer complete guidance and treatment to resolve a medical issue.


Depending on the emergency, the doctors can also prescribe medicines and connect to concerned pharmacy where it will be available. The app also integrates with Apple health kit to enhance user experience and this enables healthcare service providers to access recent medical details of a patient to proceed with further treatments.



Talkspace is a renowned online therapy company that links people with authorized therapists through its mobile app. This app is a perfect bridge between patients with mental disorders and some top therapists. The main objective of Dubai best healthcare apps is to offer convenience and flexibility in accessing expert medical solutions and Talkspace aims to remove the humiliation factor that people often feel while going out and search for suitable solution for their mental illness. You will get unlimited messaging therapy programs by Talkspace and help them connect the best mental health care specialists and therapists. The app offers valuable guidance and therapies to follow and improve on your mental illness through various innovative programs and activities.


The primary motto of this app is to reduce the effect of diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle to overcome it. The app allows users to track their current blood sugar, carbs, bolus, and estimated HbA1c at a glance. While tracking your sugar data in real-time, users can avail instant expert help on their type1 and type2 diabetes. Diabetes has been constantly becoming a cause of concern for maximum population in the world and this amazing app has everything to deal, cure, and manage diabetes related issues and factors.

EyeCare Live

This app help users to easily connect with eye specialists using their smartphone and get instant guidance and treatment. However, the app is not recommended for those having some serious eye-related problems but patients experiencing dry eyes, red eyes, and allergy eyes can easily look for a suitable solution through this wonderful app. You can easily take doctor’s appointment and then share your eye’s condition through images and videos. The app supports high-definition videos which allows eye experts to quickly assess and evaluate your condition and offer valuable suggestions and treatment to resolve that particular issue.

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The Future of Healthcare Apps

Healthcare professionals and stakeholders are investing a lot of time and effort to provide digital assistance to people in maintaining their health and accessing medical care experts. Medical app development companies are leaving no stone unturned to exploit latest and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to add more authentic results in the services offered by mHealth apps.

Choosing among one of the best healthcare apps in Dubai must depend on the intensity and seriousness of a disease and you must never ignore in-person approach and should physically report in case of emergencies.

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