LinkedIn has just declared that more than half a billion of its users’ data has been leaked from the online posts of sale and their official platform. In the opinion of CyberNews, this database has included sensitive information such as phone numbers, full names, email addresses, workplace information, links, account IDs to its gender details, and social media platforms. 

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On LinkedIn, there are more than 740 million users registered officially. It indicates that among those any user’s two-third data has been compromised in this leak. These hackers are already able to hack and discarded the data of two million users as proof. Right now, they are holding the other hostages for a certain four-digit amount in U.S. dollars. 

LinkedIn Declares Data Breach of Greater Than 500 Million Users

In a public official statement, a speaker of LinkedIn stated the publication, while they are kept on the investigation on this serious issue. These social media posted dataset has included publicly observable information that was thrown away from the LinkedIn. It was merged with other collected data from different organizations and websites. 

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Throwing away the members’ official data from the LinkedIn website transgress their service terms and they are working on security measurement to secure members’ data consistently. Now users can verify their account whether their account was hacked and leaked or not by giving their e-mail address to It looks like other simple days after the same violation happens on Facebook that leaked almost 533 million users’ personal information worldwide.   

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