Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology is taking a pivotal role play in the construction of smart cities in the UAE. With the offerings increased connectivity along by performing as a backup for always-on connectivity to assure trade continuity in the scenario of earthly infrastructure failure. 

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Professionals at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) stated that this technology could place itself as a substitute that lessens investment in-ground infrastructure. By 2030, BCG estimates that the Middle East LED satellite market will be priced at roughly $110 million. However, the entire financial price that this technology could unlock is far greater. 

By 2030, The Middle East LEO Satellite Market Will Be Worth $110 Million Roughly

At Boston Consulting Group, The MD and partner Mr. Thibault Werle said that low latency, high speed, and omnipresent connectivity offered by LEO technology. It could bring extra citizens online, permit several creation use-cases and boost sustainability and efficiencies – major characteristics of smart cities.

He opined that the UAE has developed controlling the authority and implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a major part of its National Agenda. Here all smart cities will play a major role in pursuing these targets and emerging smart city development projects which are including The Sustainable City in Dubai, and the Zayed Smart City in Abu Dhabi will profit comprehensively through the LEO technology adoption.

He also added that “Applications of connectivity such as autonomous vehicles, smart metering, and efficient energy distribution, and many others will help transform these smart city projects into logistics hubs, raising standards of living and quality of life and encouraging tourism, among other benefits.”  

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