Mobile technologies are a constantly emerging platform for our most daring business concepts to be introduced. They allow customer engagement at a new level, create stronger brand relationships, and bring them to the modern digital world, which is becoming much more mobile today.

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We can also monitor the disruptive changes in UI / UX architecture alongside the mobile app development from a technological perspective. In 2020, groundbreaking design techniques incorporated in hyper-intuitive and visually incredible interface architectures will be seen by smartphone users. Here we are going to immerse ourselves in the top five most mind-blowing UI / UX architecture trends that wait in 2020.

  • Micro Interactions

In any single app or website, micro-interactions pretty much occur. For example, Facebook has lots of different micro-interactions, and I believe that the “Like” feature is just the perfect example. You see them every time you open your favorite app. Often, since they are so apparent, normal, and “blended” into user interfaces, we are not even conscious of life. If you remove them from your product, however, you may find that something very important is missing very quickly.

Mobile UI-UX Design

Generally speaking, even very minor and slight changes in UI / UX architecture can often have a major effect. Micro experiences are the perfect proof that the digital products’ overall user experience can be significantly improved and put at the next/ higher stage by information and attention to them. Each new computer brings new opportunities every year to build brand new and creative micro experiences. 2020 would certainly not be an exception.

  • Animated Illustrations

Illustrations have been used for a long time in digital product design. In recent years, their evolution has been quite impressive. Illustrations add natural sensation and “human touch” to the overall UX of our products as very popular design elements. Illustrations are also very strong attention grabbers: we could bring our products to life and make them stand out at the top of that by applying motion to these illustrations, adding extra details and personality.

UI-UX Design Ideas

Another advantage of applying motion is to catch the attention of the consumer and make the product communicate with users. One of the most powerful ways to tell the story about your brand, product, or service is often animations.

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  • Augmented Reality

We have seen a great deal of growth, enthusiasm, and AR enhancement in recent years. Millions are being invested in AR growth by the world’s leading tech companies, so we can expect this technology to expand and evolve in 2020. To help designers and developers create AR-based apps, even Apple has launched its own AR toolkit called ARKIT 3.

There are countless possibilities for creativity and the iOS app development with brand new and exciting AR space experiences. In 2020, UI design for AR will be one of the key trends, so we should be prepared and ready to learn new techniques, concepts, as designers while creating AR experiences.

  • 3D Graphics

  1. In films, video games, street ads, 3D graphics are almost everywhere. 3D graphics were introduced a few decades ago and have greatly improved and developed since then. There is also the rapid growth of smartphones and web technology. New web browser capabilities have opened the 3D graphics door, enabling us as designers to build and execute incredible 3D graphics on modern web and mobile interfaces.

Mobile App Tracking

It takes some specialized skills and loads of effort to create and then incorporate 3D graphics into web and mobile interfaces, but the results are most often satisfying.

3D graphic renders allow the product or services to be displayed in a much more immersive and engaging way: 3D graphic renders, for example, can be viewed in a 360-degree display that enhances the overall UX of the product.

In 2020, many more brands will use 3D modeling models to display the goods or services to replicate the retail experience in the real world (in-store).

  • Virtual Reality

For VR, 2019 has been a big year. We’ve seen a lot of innovation and enthusiasm in VR headsets in recent years, particularly in the gaming industry. We must bear in mind that the gaming industry most often brings creativity and new technology to the design of digital goods. Research shows that VR is no exception, as many opportunities have opened up for other industries since the launch of Oculus Quest in 2019. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has already tested exciting hand contact features and formally revealed a hand-tracking update for Quest in early 2020.

In the 2020, Sony and Microsoft will announce their next-generation consoles. This would provide Virtual Reality with a lot of opportunities and space for android app development.


The foundation stone for every good app is a user-centered app UI design that preserves user needs, interests, and issues. You could be a potential owner of the app or an existing one who is looking to redesign your low-performing app.

Both way, this user-friendly design can be done and the UI design trends ideally suited to the app are introduced.

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