Enterprise Applications are perfect for entrepreneurs who are willing to take the success of their enterprise to next level. Most entrepreneurs prefer developing an enterprise app for iOS platform owing to the security concern.

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Globally, android platform largely covers almost 80 percent of the mobile markets and this is the prime reason why most entrepreneurs are now showing a huge interest in developing enterprise android mobile apps for their enterprises. If you are an entrepreneur then do take a look at this content prior to getting in touch with an Enterprise App Development Company or iPAD App Development Company for developing a dedicated mobile app for Android or iOS platform.

Why Enterprise Android App Development?

Let’s briefly understand why you need an android app for your enterprise.

Enterprise android app development company

  1. Android smartphones have a strong customer base as compared to iOS smartphones. This will let you gain an easy access to a large number of users and ultimately accomplish your pre-determined goals.
  2. Android smartphones are reasonable priced. You can get endless options in android smartphones contrary to iOS devices.
  3. The introduction of BYOD concept will allow more individuals to choose such devices that they can easily carry to their offices.
  4. Android smartphones enables the users’ to maintain their privacy as IT administrators will only gain an access to the mobile application data as the users’ personal data will be impossible to access.
  5. Enterprise App Development Company shall quote you nominal charges for developing an android app for your enterprise. The development of an iOS app can be a little expensive option for you as an iPAD App Development Company will most likely charge you a bomb for their services.

Issues That You Can Expect With Enterprise Android App Development

Issues that you can expect with Enterprise App Development

Even though Enterprise Android App Development may seem best for your enterprise yet there are certain issues that you must diligently take care of prior to making a choice between android and iOS platform. The first issue lies with the difficulties you are going to face in finding a professional and reliable enterprise app development company. This is because of the fact that most enterprise app development companies hardly comply with the standard terms and requirements of Android platform. Also, it is highly crucial for the smartphone manufacturers to have at least a basic level of software and hardware setup to deploy an enterprise android application.

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Is Android A Secure Platform?

This issue is a strong concern for not just employees but entrepreneurs too. Let’s us take a look to find out how you can control potential threats.

Is Android secure platform

  1. Encryption: Device wide encryption must be put into action if you are willing to secure your data. This process is more or less similar to encrypting a personal computer.
  2. Separating personal data from professional data: You will need to make sure that you are separating personal as well as professional data in the case of an enterprise android app for enabling it to function smoothly. IT administrator in-charge will be required to make sufficient arrangements for separating personal information from professional information.

Android has a very bright market and it will totally help you enhance your enterprise’s visibility and reach your targeted audience in real-time. If you are an entrepreneur then do consider getting an app for your enterprise. For app development related queries, you can readily connect with us by writing an email ([email protected]) or visiting our website. Fluper is a leading enterprise app development company and we have a successful record of developing best in class enterprise apps for our clients.

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