Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos has successfully managed to leave for his first space travel in the first crewed flight of New Shephard; a rocket-ship made by his own space company Blue Origin.

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Prior to this, there were many billionaires who flew to space but Jeff’s journey into the space has been seen from a different perspective. His company Blue Origin was founded with a motive to explore new possibilities in space where they can create better place for human race to work and live. After all, Bezos is the richest man on earth who has ever travelled to space, so the implications will also be heightened up to a certain level.

Blue origin is exploring new possibilities in space to provide a better place to live and work.

The crew included Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, a pilot Wally Funk, and an 18-year old Oliver Daeman. The 84-year old Wally funk was also volunteered as a member of Mercury 13 Program in February 1961 and has become the oldest person to go to space. Oliver Daeman on the other hand, has also become the youngest person to go to space at the age of 18 years. This weird but deliberate crew is expected to bring some good news in the coming years as the Blue Origin company is putting diligent efforts to come up with best technology and re-usable launch vehicles that are safe, cost effective and can serve the needs of all civil, commercial, and Defense customers.

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Blue Origin has already announced the ticket booking as open and those who wish to travel to space in Blue Origin’ next space travel can send an e-mail to the company and confirm their trip. However the total expected cost for a trip is still not disclosed anywhere but yes, the space company (Blue Origin) is successfully approaching 100 million in private sales. Industry experts are seeing this incidence as a major step towards space travel when the richest man on planet has committed result-oriented approach towards space tourism

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