Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms to share posts and communicate with the world. Using Instagram, we can also follow celebrities and get their regular update. During this pandemic, Instagram is also providing support. Now, Instagram comes with a new feature that allows users to fundraise through Instagram live for non-profits to fight against Coronavirus pandemic. Before that, the company already launched donation stickers to use in the stories, but the latest live donation feature will allow everyone to create fundraisers through live streaming, for a kind of interactive telethon experience, either individually or with others.

Instagram’s latest feature arrives just one day after TikTok launches a donation app, which functions on both its video posts and live streams. However, Facebook says its Live Donations feature can be used to create fundraising funds for over a million charities, unlike TikTok, which only supports few charity causes at launch. It also states that 100% of the money raised goes directly through non-profit, as Instagram does not cut — a standard occurrence on many other fundraising sites.

You can tap the button on the left top of the Instagram feed or click straight in the feed to use the latest donation feature on Live Images. You then click “Live” in the lower part of the screen, and then pick “Fundraiser.” When the broadcast begins, it will reveal how many people support the fundraiser and how much money is raised in real-time. You can also press the “View” button to show a more donor rundown, including the donations if you want to give them shouting-outs in your photo — you can do it in real-time by tapping “Wave.”

Instagram allows Users to Raise Fund

The exclusive I donated feature is also available for those who raise money, make contributions to fundraisers, or use donation sticker in the novel. This sticker was created by the illustrator of the Brazilian group @leonatsume. This sticker can be used for sensitizing the trigger in your story. Your post is paired with another story which you follow and which you contributed, which you see in your Stories bar at the front of the list.

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Instagram says that Instagram Live has seen a spike as the pandemic is on the rise. In the last month, for example, Instagram Live used to host chats, dance parties, rap fights, and more by 70 percent. And, while there’s no official app, many people have been collecting non-profit funds through Instagram Live.

Social networks are one way to communicate amid the pandemic, and with the IGTV network previously floundering by Instagram seeing a massive spike — regular users of the site have raised by 48 percent a month, from mid-March till mid-April, Apptopia estimates.

With the latest introduction of many new apps, Instagram’s parent company Facebook has also taken advantage of the growing curiosity of users in live streaming. Last week, for instance, it launched a way to fund video raising. It operates anywhere Facebook funds non-profit fundraisers. It even put back “Live With,” so that people were able to invite friends to stay – and to collect money.Contact Fluper

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