The UAE’s 3D printing market size is Estimated to Develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 55.3% between the year 2018 and 2024, according to the research. The architecture sector leads the generation of revenue for the 3D printing sector in the country. 

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Binder jetting has been discovered to be the most massively applied technology for the modeling of architecture. Though 3D printers have been achieving fame around the world, the price point has been a discouragement of sorts and more so in developing countries like India. However, Melvin George, 24, from north Kerala’s Kannur, located in the southernmost state of India, has arisen with a creative and inexpensive path of building a 3D printer between the furious Covid-19 pandemic that is summoning enlarged enthusiasm in the UAE.

The Architecture Sector Leads the Revenue Generation for the 3D Printing Sector in the UAE

A guitar aficionado, namely George is getting a postgraduate degree in commerce, desired to print out the musical instrument parts, but discovered that a 3D printer at Dh7,500 was too much expensive for him to get. This got his peculiar mind ticking: why not create a 3D printer all by himself? He also said that, though he had created a guitar out of wood, he was keen to apply genuine parts of the musical instrument. Primarily, he desired to pursue a 3D printout, but later as the reason for the prohibitive costs decide to develop one on my own which proved to be nearly an enormous success. 

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