The UAE has for a long time the illuminant of digital transformation in the Middle East and even the whole world. This has been on the same line with the ambition of shifting from an oil-based to skill-based and knowledge economy. This government’s all initiatives positively influenced to target at offering this transition has borne fruit. According to the Coursera Global Skills Report 2021, the UAE positioned in the 99th percentile for its trading identity, ranking second globally. 

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However, an advanced innovation pace only can be survived by a pool of healthy and talented IT experts. More particularly people who not only able to handle technology properly but also build cutting-edge services actively. At present, this is where the bottleneck to the UAE’s digital shift drive lies. The report of Coursera referred to a pressing requirement for the UAE experts to upscale in the technology and data science fields.

Newly 100,000 Coding Initiative to Amplify the Digital Economy of the UAE  

The talent pools of this nation for data science skills and technology ranked only at 71st and 72ndrespectively. Inconsequent understaffed IT teams and lack of technical resources have forced multiple trades in the Emirates to expand the betterment of creative applications to countries like Turkey, India, and Jordan. 

The UAE’s National Programme for Coders initiative, hence, arrives at the exact time. Along with different programs like the 10-year Golden Visas. It also along with the visitors’ influx expected as Expo 2020 kicks off this October, the UAE now clasps a massive attraction for the biggest talent of coding around the globe.   

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