Augmented reality is one of the biggest technology trends that has revolutionized various sectors with its inescapable sensation. Travel & tourism sector has certainly got much transformed ever since it has started utilizing this effective and efficient technology in travel apps. Currently, the global Augmented Reality market is expected at USD 5.91 billion and according to Statista, it will reach USD 198 billion till 2025. The AR technology has helped travels sector to offer exceptional travel experiences through their smart and interactive mobile apps. The advancements in AR technology will continue to grow and this will keep enhancing the functionalities of travel apps by delivering unique and unforgettable user experience. Exploring the possibilities of AR-powered travel apps, this blog will offer crucial insights on Augmented Reality in travel industry and the way it will transform the travel landscape in the next few years.

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Role of AR in Travel Apps

Role of AR in Travel Apps

AR app development has now become a priority for entire travel industry if it wants to revive swiftly after the pandemic outbreak. Augmented reality has changed the way users used to perceive the real-world environment around them. The core functionality that AR offers in travel apps offering an enhanced navigation system where AR technology superimposes a route over the live view of the road. You must have seen this concept in football or cricket matches where broadcasters use AR to draw lines on the screen to show you any relevant information or ground’s boundaries. AR has emerged as a constructive tool for travel industry to leverage seamless benefits with its potential capabilities.

Whether it’s location-based search experience or informative content for travelers, AR has much to do with synchronizing all relevant data for an app user to offer them maximum required and relevant information for a particular travel destination.

Advantages of AR in Travel & Tourism Industry

Advantages of AR in Travel & Tourism Industry

Travel can be troublesome in lack of proper and timely information and AR helps to bridge this gap to offer utter convenience for travelers to access real-time information as and when required. Now let’s discuss some major benefits that have transformed the travel landscape completely by offering immersive travel experience via Android app development services.

Local Transit

Local Transit

One of the greatest benefits of Augmented Reality in tourism is that it enables travelers to search for local routes in foreign or unknown destinations. AR-powered travel apps help users to find map views of roads, traffic, destinations, and best places to visit in a city. This is much helpful resource to track routes when people are traveling through a cab or even a public transport. These travel apps have smartly cut down the need for local guides as every possible information is available on their smartphones.

The Combination of AR & Beacon

This effective and innovative combination has further added to the travel experience of people when they use a travel app. Beacon is also much helpful for travelers as it enables a smartphone to receive active notifications when you enter a specific location. Beacon’s low-level Bluetooth signals allow travelers to access certain useful functionalities that are much relevant to their search results.

AR-based apps can facilitate augmented tours of ancient locations, buildings, and landmarks and can access relevant information about them in an easy and comprehensive way. Combining it with Beacon technology is like adding cherry to the cake where users get access to more personalized features through travel apps that can offer them unforgettable travel experience.

Eliminating Language Barriers

When you travel to a foreign country, the first problem that you encounter is reading those traffic signs, restaurant menus, and anything in that foreign language. Here comes another benefit of Augmented Reality in travel where smartphones are utilized effectively by AR technology to translate a number of foreign languages. These apps allow users to translate objects and texts in any desired language and users can easily read and understand any language in their native or desired language.

Hotels & Flight Bookings

AR technology has also emerged as an effective tool to access real-time information on available hotel rooms and flight availability. It is also utilized as an effective marketing tool where hotel owners can portray comprehensive scale of hotel services and turn that one-time visit into loyal guests. Moreover, users can also access any relevant information such as housekeeping, local destinations, and other travel services that are available in that particular region.

Moreover, restaurants and hotels can exhibit their menus in an engaging and interactive all-round information on their dishes, services, and latest deals and offers.

Making Tourist Places More Attractive

The travel & tourism industry has always strived to offer the best lucrative information for people to attract them. With the help of Augmented Reality in tourism, people can explore seamless information for different tourist places with all updated information through their smartphones. AR has made information easily accessible to travelers where they can search and explore new places and evaluate them on the basis of reviews, Wi-Fi hotspots, and real-time weather information. Hence, AR-powered mobile apps have also proven to be a great tool for better marketing and advertising for both tourism industry and businesses associated with it like hotels, cabs, restaurants, resorts, SPA, shopping malls, hospitals, and many more.

End Note

The AR technology has enormous potential for AR app development where developers can come up with several innovative ways to enhance travel experiences worldwide with more relevant and exciting information on different aspects of travel and tour.

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