On Wednesday, Huawei comes with a fresh line-up of several devices in the UAE powered by its own OS, potential ‘super’ ability and to support users who are becoming extremely artless on connected devices. The biggest telecommunications equipment organization in the world reach fame, all thanks to its smartphone devices, majorly its Mate and P series. However, it has extensively rotated to different technologies by facing various challenges.

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Its huge resources and R&D have purchased it the chance to do so and are combatively inspiring its creations on AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) among multiple others. The president of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group in the Middle East and Africa, Pablo Ning, labeled the “Super Device” release as its “most important” this year. 

Pablo Ning with New Huawei ‘Super Devices’ MatePad Pro

With the launching of this latest range, Huawei is providing UAE users to operate a seamless and genuinely intelligent experience around several devices in all various types of scenarios. He said inserting that it’s just another vital step in the organization’s efforts to offer the “best possible future-oriented user experience with a forward-looking approach”

The all-new replication of the MatePad Pro features Huawei’s best, challenging the huge likes of Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Apple’s iPads. It comes with a 12.6-inch OLED display screen, Huawei’s Kirin 9000E chip, and supports multi-screen cooperation. A wide number of accessories include the second-generation M-Pencil and smart magnetic keyboard. Moreover, eight speakers have positioned such a way that it looks like an entertainment hub. 

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