According to a recent survey on travel industry, more than 59% people across the globe use travel apps to plan their trips. The figure perfectly depicts why travel apps are best for planning a trip.People find them much convenient tool to manage itineraries. The entire travel industry has reached new heights in past few years with travel apps making a major contribution to it.

Why Travel Apps are best?

Travel apps like Loungebuddy, Airbnb, Skyscanner, Hopper, Expedia and many others have already explicitly proven their worth in making travel much flexible and trouble-free. Travel apps offer customized features and functionalities to keep you aware of every important aspect of travelling and booking instant flights and hotel rooms on-the-go. In this blog, we have discussed why travel apps are best way to plan your next trip and stay relaxed to enjoy it.

Personalized Features

Personalized Features

One of the most rejoiced advantages of travel app development is its highly customized features and functionalities. We are living in a fast-paced environment where we hardly get much time to plan anything in detail. Travel apps bring several travelling aspects at one place to manage them at great convenience. Here are some most rejoiced features for which travel apps have become extremely popular over the globe.

Itinerary Generator

Itinerary Generator

One of the most demanded features in a travel app that allows users to enter a destination name and get entire travel plan by the app. The app offers you a list of interesting places to visit and all possible information that a traveler must have while visiting that place. A travel app development company in UAE makes best use of technology to provide maximum information for a user. This helps them to plan trips according to the type of destination they want to visit.

Instant Bookings

Instant Bookings

The next thing after deciding your destination is booking flighttickets& hotel rooms. There are some amazing travel apps like Hopper that offer updated information on availability of flight tickets and when can you avail the cheapest flight.

You get best deals on hotel rooms as customers who come through a travel app are offered exciting deals on exclusive hotel rooms.

Geo Tracking

This is another crucial feature that a travel app development company in UAE incorporates into any travel app.  The feature offers immense ease for users to explore nearby places, cafes, ATMs, and many more local places at a destination. Being a stranger to the city, this amazing feature acts as the best companion to guide you on local routes and nearby restaurants.

Whether Forecasting

You can check the kind of whether at your destination and travel apps suggest relevant items to carry in that particular weather. Most travel plans are cancelled at the last moment due to climatic changes. A travel app development company incorporates this feature to let people plan everything according to the weather conditions and have fun. You can also check wind speed, humidity and many more aspects related to the weather of a particular place or destination.

Language Translator

Most people often face many troubles due to language issues at a foreign place. Travel app development is the best solution to this as these apps have a built-in language translator that fills the gap between your native language and foreign language. You can scan texts to translate them in your native language or get real-time voice translation to improve your travel experience.

Digital Wallet

Carrying cash while travelling is not a smart option to go for. There are various hassles attached to it like theft, currency exchange, and many more. When an Android app development company incorporates digital wallet, it allows you to pay online for anything without any currency exchange hassles. You can make instant payments for hotel bookings, flight bookings and shopping done at your destination.

Booking an Instant Cab

Using this feature, you will automatically realize why travel apps are best way to plan your trip. You are not well acquainted with local routes or places at your travel destination and a travel app helps you much in this regard. You can instantly book a reputed cab service of that area and travel conveniently to any place anytime.

Location-based Emergency Service

At a foreign place, having this feature on a travel app is of great importance. You never know the uncertainties of life and where you would need an emergency service. In case of any emergency, travel app development allows you to access instant emergency services of that area. You must share your emergency contact numbers and locations as per the region.

It Saves Time & Money

Using a travel app will certainly save much of your efforts, time, and money. A travel app brings all travelling aspects at a single place that makes it much easier for you to manage it. Moreover, these apps offer customized recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. If you are still thinking why travel apps are best for planning a trip, you get exclusive discounts on hotel rooms, cab services, and shopping through certain stores.


Apart from these major benefits, you get to explore several things with a travel app like booking tickets for shows, theme parks, and other entertainment activities held at that place. Use maps for directions, share itineraries with friends and family, and get inspired with some virtual gifts.

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