The world is going online where most businesses have switched to this latest transformation because of various exciting reasons. Dubai is place that is highly prioritized by worldwide businesses to mark their presence. This gives you immense opportunities to expose your unique business idea or concept globally. Selecting the most appropriate jurisdiction for your internet business plays a vital role to lay a robust foundation for your online business. License, approvals, and other regulatory aspects have to be planned astutely to ensure hassle-free performance of your online business. In this blog, we will discuss each important aspect regarding Dubai online business and factors to consider to turn it into a huge success.

Prerequisites for an Online Business in Dubai

Prerequisites for an Online Business in Dubai

UAE is the 24th largest e-commerce market in world that was valued at USD 9 billion in 2021. Amazon, Namshi, and Noon are some key players in UAE’s e-commerce market. Amazon earned an annual revenue of $ 446 million in 2021, Namshi earned $ 249 million whereas Noon’s annual revenue was valued at $ 169 million. This clearly depicts the craze and demand for such apps in entire UAE.

You need to get an e-commerce license from the government to get started with your online business in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development, DED is the concerned authority that issues a certificate for your online business.

How to Get Started?

How to Get Started

First of all, you need to decide which product or service you want to offer and based on that, you must also extensively research the type of audience that you are going to target. Develop your own niche that will help your e-commerce business to gain instant attention among others.

Take high quality photographs of your product or service and be honest to describe them. Now, you have two choices; one is to develop a robust e-commerce website or simply develop a web-based mobile application that is almost a website accessible through a mobile phone.

Having a website for any e-commerce business is a much-required aspect. However, for startups and small-scale businesses, opting for web-based app development will prove to be much beneficial and convenient. Ask your Android app development company to develop a web-based app for your e-commerce business.

Choose a Company Name: Choosing the name of your online store is an evitable aspect as you need to provide various alternatives for it in case that name is already in use.

Choosing a Physical Location in Dubai: You need to look for rented office from where you will operate your e-commerce website or mobile app. There should be a legal address that is also obliged by authorities.

Opening a Corporate Account: Every business requires an account to link with it. You need to open a separate account for your business purpose with which you can monitor and track financial transactions pertaining your e-commerce store.

Getting the DED License

To get a DED Trader license from Department of Economic Development, you need to visit and follow some simple steps. Once you create a username and a password, it will ask some other information like type of business, address, social media accounts, type of activity and trade name, and making a payment to eventually get a DED Trader license. It will be a business license that you will get from DED and will make your website or mobile app eligible to offer any product or service online.

However, you can easily sell and purchase anything from any of your social media accounts without acquiring any license but for trading online through a website, you will require a business license to call it valid. Get the best e-commerce app development company hired in Dubai and enjoy trading in Dubai.

Advantages of Opening an E-commerce Business in Dubai

Advantages of Opening an E-commerce Business in Dubai

Obtaining an online business license in Dubai is a much easier and swift process. Trade licenses and e-commerce licenses are the easiest and fastest to get in Dubai. Moreover, building an online business in Dubai comes with multiple benefits that we have mentioned here.

Dubai is a Business Hub of Middle East: Dubai city keeps immense importance for UAE both geographically and culturally. As it’s the hub for import and export industry, you will get added advantages because of it.

Favorable Government Support: The UAE government takes complete care of its business entities and ensures profitable and transparent policies to continue a business and expand globally.

Free Zones: Dubai alone has more than 20 free zones where they accommodate several industrial and business clusters that will give your business; an exceptional exposure. Investors from abroad have complete ownership along with repatriation of profit and capital.

Business-friendly Regulations: There is no import and export duty in UAE, apart from this, there are no restrictions on withdrawal of capital too. This makes operating a business; much easier and hassle-free task.


We hope you must have got enough valuable insights on opening a e-commerce business in Dubai. Just do your homework prudently and you will find rest everything quite manageable and supportive to get started with your e-commerce business.

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