Geo location has become one of those technologies which are making groundbreaking breakthroughs. In fact, it is being used quite extensively in the mobile app development industry. Whether you believe it or not, but it has opened further gates for startups all across the globe that couldn’t achieve their targets without this technology.

Other than that, it has also brought together the concepts of mobile app development and marketing. Back then they were two different ventures, but now thanks to Geo location they are now correlated to each other. It would be right to say that it has completely changed the workflow and the interaction between a brand and the consumers.

We, being a mobile app development company have explained how exactly one can make a location-based mobile app. Though it is not an easy process, we did our best to make it look easy for those who are aspiring to become app developers or looking forward to pursuing a career in the app development industry.

A Step-By-Step On How to Make A GPS Enabled Mobile App Be It Android or iOS-

 Research the market regarding your idea

It is highly recommended to carry out extensive research about your audiences’ behavior and the market you are trying to penetrate. By doing so, you can come up with a more insightful app development idea. Create according to the audiences’ preferences.

Also, make sure to take the platform in the account. If you don’t want any complications in the launch of your app, then go for Android app development.

Work on and create a wireframe of your GPS-based app

In order to bring your idea into reality, you’d have to work on the development of a wireframe. That is the only thing your app development team need in the first place. You have to put your idea down on a paper and do your best to come up with a storyboard with no complications whatsoever; because that’d be the last thing you want.

Develop an MVP

This is probably the most important aspect you don’t want to miss out on. Always make sure to create a minimum variable product because by doing so, you’ll end up with a way to evaluate your business idea. The best part is, it doesn’t require that much of an investment and you can also receive insights from the app’s users.

Create a feature-packed GPS-based app

Once you are done evaluating the feedbacks that you just received from your users, it’s time for you to move on to the next development stage in which you’d have to as many useful features as possible. However, always make sure not to go overboard with it. Too many features can make your app a bit hefty to use.

Examples of GPS-Enabled Mobile Apps

  1. Maps and navigation

This is hands down the most common way of incorporating GPS within an application. This is something that comes to our minds when we talk about GPS. Mobile apps like Google Maps and Waze are great examples.

  1. On-demand services

As mentioned earlier, GPS services have completely revolutionized the concept of online taxi booking and food delivery. Apps like Uber, Ola, Zomato, and DoorDash are perfect examples.

  1. Health and fitness apps

This is one of the fastest-growing app development ventures of them all as people are becoming more health-conscious. Apps like RunKeeper and Strava use GPS to keep track of sports activities and patterns over time.

  1. GPS tracking apps

These apps are being quite extensively for security reasons. These apps are often being used to keep children protected, to find a stolen car, to keep a check on employees or family members, and their activities.

  1. Weather forecast apps

Weather apps are said to be quite useful at certain times. Not only you can use these apps and widgets, but they tend to provide on-point data at all times. Weather apps are also said to be the most used apps in terms of the usage of GPS; it’s about 65% when compared to the 38% of social networking apps.

  1. Travel apps

These apps are the ones that let you set up a vacation or a business trip with ease. We prefer using an app instead of using a full-fletched website for the same. You can easily use apps like Airbnb and Trivago for the best services.

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  1. Dating apps

Dating and social media apps rely a lot on GPS more than we know. These apps help us connect with our friends and maybe your next date. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are fine examples of GPS based dating apps.

Bottom Line

Be it iOS app development or Android, there are chances that the app you are working on may need GPS for better services. So, don’t ever hesitate to integrate GPS enabled services as it will only make things easier for you.

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