One thing that will never be affected due to any reason is desire to eat; eating food that satiates appetite along with never-ending hunger for fresh and sumptuous food. So, if you are looking to develop an online food ordering system or are already running a restaurant but facing challenges to manage its various aspects, launching an online food ordering system can prove to be utterly beneficial for you. These days, people just love to browse through restaurants and order their favourite food online through mobile apps or through a website.

The Shifting Trend

The Shifting Trend of Online Food Ordering

Develop a food ordering app as this trend has gained instant recognition in the recent times and people’s hectic lifestyles are a major reason behind this. Moreover, they don’t like to eat food that is prepared and cooked by them. Hence, a mobile app that simply caters to their food requirement can earn great revenue for you as a business. You just have to focus on some crucial aspects while developing an online food ordering system and it will yield promising returns on your investment that you wouldn’t have imagined ever.

Business Model of Online Food Ordering System

Online Food Ordering System

To develop a food ordering system, you need to clearly understand the basic business model of how an online food ordering system works. To make this system work smoothly, you need to develop a strong network of chain of restaurants that are available in your city or in your nearby area. It’s better to launch an app rather than investing extra money and effort in developing a website. You can also prefer to launch web-based mobile app that runs on a browser and performs just like a website only.

Once you have pooled up several restaurants and hotels around you and when a customer places an order via your app, you will be notified instantly. Now you will notify that particular restaurant regarding the order and it will start preparing the food. You will also notify the expected delivery time so that the restaurant owner can prepare the dish accordingly. Your delivery boys will pick-up that order from that restaurant and will simply deliver it on the mentioned address of the customer. This is how a basic business model for an online food ordering system works.

Hire the Best App Development Company

We have mentioned clearly that even if you are planning to launch a new website for online food ordering system, it will be far better to launch a web-based app. And for any mobile app to be launched; you can’t do it alone.

Best  Food App Development

Hence, you need to explore some top reputed food delivery app development companies in your city or country. Look for their profile and check how many successful food delivery apps they have delivered. You can choose to launch a native app separately for both Android and iOS platform or you can simply choose to develop a cross-platform app that runs effectively on both the platforms with a single codebase. In fact, opting cross-platform app will be a great idea for a startup as it is much swifter and affordable option to develop a mobile app.

Check clients’ reviews on their websites and also refer some rating agencies like Clutch, Glassdoor, Software Suggest, and Goodfirms to get valuable insights about that particular app development company. These agencies offer much authentic clients’ reviews with detailed information on the development process of some top app development companies.

Key features

Features are considered to be the lifeline of any mobile application. Hence, you really need to be creative and intuitive while deciding features for food delivery app development. One best thing to do is to download a reputed food delivery app like UberEats, Grubhubs or Postmates and look for their exciting features and functionalities.

You will require to develop four panels for this; Admin panel, user panel, restaurant panel, and the delivery panel. All will be interlinked with the main Admin panel so that you can easily track and manage orders and payments along with the restaurant owners’ expectations.

User Panel

  • Social Media Sign-up
  • Restaurant Browsing
  • Checking Restaurant Profile
  • Add to the cart
  • Push Notifications
  • Order Tracking
  • Payment
  • Order History
  • Ratings & Reviews

Admin Panel

  • Profile Management
  • Order Assigning
  • Dashboard Management
  • Content Updates
  • Order Management
  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Payment Management

Delivery Panel

  • Registration
  • Accept/Reject Orders
  • GPS Tracking & Navigation
  • Status Update
  • Delivery History

Restaurant Panel

  • Menu Updates
  • Accept/Reject Orders

The best part of food ordering app development is that you will easily get myriad startup restaurants which don’t have their own mobile apps and are struggling hard to get new customers or to retain their existing one.

Once you streamline all the above-mentioned aspects, you are good to go with the initial development stage of your food ordering app. Remember, the more detailed and precise you will be in your project requirements, the better it will be for the development agency to understand your business needs and develop a responsive app accordingly.

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