Employee communication apps are such platforms where employers connect with employees through mobile devices. This is an essential app for any organization to ensure that all the employees are equipped well and communicate with each other to maintain the workflow. The features like interactivity, personalization, easy search and two-way are the main parts of these types of apps. Through this app, the employees can browse organizational content, stories and more which help them interact with each other. The apps are built to provide a greater user experience to the employees of the organization. So, the features of the app must be like social media where they can be personalized with the app. The way different freelancing organizations and established firms are using this kind of app; its demand is increasing day by day. From this stand, Employee Communication App Development Plan is just rock on.

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The Market Share of the Employee Communication Apps UAE:

A statistical survey of Gulfnews tells that about 90% of the employee in the UAE communicates and shares sensitive data and business information through the company’s internal tools of instant messaging (IM) and business collaboration. Organizations are witnessed a dramatic shift in using this type of internal communication platform after the COVID-19Pandemic.

According to the latest survey, the market share of Employee Communication Apps will increase at a CAGR of 11.8% from 2020-2027. It is expected to reach US$ 1,780.09 Million by 2027 from US$ 816.41 Million in 2021.

5 most-used Employee Communication Apps:

5 most-used Employee Communication Apps

When you have an Employee Communication App Development Plan, you need to know your potential competitors and their approaches. These are the top 5 mostly used Employee Communication Apps

Microsoft Teams





Must-have feature to build your Employee Communication Apps:

Must-have feature to build your Employee Communication Apps


Employee Communication Apps are the soul part of any small and big company as it perks up the productivity of the employees and helps them to share information securely. Through this app, employees can interact with each other which let them solve many official issues and make proper decisions.

If you go to any good Employee Communication App Development Company for creating this type of app, they will add the following important features to your app.


This is the basic feature of the app. As it is an internal communication app, it should always be developed in such a way that employees can get a personalized experience from this app. Hence, the functionalities of UI are designed with multiple themes based on the needs of the employees. The app must be scalable and flexible as an office can add or remove any feature due to avoid any technical issue or solve any particular problem.

Instant Messaging:

Real-time instant chat messaging over the internet is the fastest way to share information or communication among the employees of the office. This feature provides the facility of offline messaging, one-to-one chat, and group chat, file sharing and push notification.

Easy sign-in:

Employees can sign in easily to access their work profile with their Company specific Email ID and password or Gmail ID without wasting time.

Video and voice calling:

This feature allows the users to share their screens and documents. It also helps them to communicate with their team by voice call or face-to-face call when they are working remotely or not in the same place.

Media file transmission:

Employees can share media files like images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and audio recordings through this app.

Screen sharing:

The users can share their screens and display to others what they are doing at their end. It allows employees to deliver an online presentation, demonstration and replying questions in real-time. This feature is very crucial when an employee is working remotely.


This feature continuously sends notifications to the users about office-meeting, important events, project deadlines, and vital announcements. So that the employees are always kept updated about the important information of office.

Polls and surveys

It allows HR or any higher authorities to track employees’ opinions and feedback for any given topic and analysis those for making a decision.

AI/ML Integration:

Adding analytical features through AI/ML integration like natural language process, speech-to-text and more provides a better user experience.

Company news:

This is an official way where the users can get important information about the company like any achievement and downfall.

Content sharing:

This option allows the team members to share their project-related documents in a particular location. So that the other employees can find any document related to that project easily without wasting time. It increases the productivity of the work.

Cost to develop Employee Communication Apps UAE:

When you have Employee Communication App Development Plan, you need to know the average cost to develop the app. Any good Employee Communication App Development Company estimates the cost to develop an Employee Communication Apps UAE based on the following factors.

1. App platform (Android/iOS)

2. Developer’s rate per hour

3. Developer’s skills

4. The complexity of the project

5. Features and functionalities

6. UI/UX design

The average cost of building Employee Communication Apps UAE considering the above factors is AED 50k to AED 70k in UAE.

Final Thought:

Having Employee Communication App Development Plan is a great idea for a company as it makes easy the total office management system. Employee Communication Apps UAE works as the main hub of all information and offers customized user experience, and real-time features, increases the productivity of the employees, encourages inter-office communication and built up a positive work environment in the office. It also aids the facility of working for an office from a remote place. Hence, every small and big organization is moving to work with such internal communication apps and the market share of this type of app is growing rapidly. That means, investing in developing Employee Communication Apps UAE will be a wise move for your business. So, if you have an Employee Communication App Development Plan, you just go to any leading Employee Communication App Development Company that can tailor your app according to your requirements at the best price.

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