Reading is a magical gateway and everyone should learn to love reading. In this race, mobile apps bring the facility of reading books to the digital platform. The Book Reading Mobile App keeps away the hassle of buying books from shops, carrying them around everywhere and making space of storing them. When you get eBooks on a digital platform like Kindle, you just need to open the app; select the book and then you can read a book at any time anywhere with a few clicks. The users of ook reading apps can access numerous numbers of books by paying a minimum subscription fee or by buying an ebook from the eBook store.

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Hence, if you have a bookstore and you want to transform it into a digital platform, create a Book Reading App like Kindle and expand your business to a wide range of customers.

It is expected that the global market size of eBooks will reach USD 38560 Million by 2026 at a CAGR of 15.7% within2021-2026. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-book market experiences immerse sales as the number of subscriptions increased.

Must-Have Features for online book reading app:

Online Book Reading App

An online book reading app must be user-friendly with interactive UI/UX design. It helps the readers to build an emotional connection with the book reading app as they feel with normal books. There are some essential features that every book reading app follows.

User Login: Easy registration process by log in by using email ID, phone number or social media to access the eBooks.

Multi-Platform Support: Create such Reading Apps that are compatible int multimedia platforms, like Android, iOS, MAC and PC.

Search bar: It helps the readers to find a specific book, sorted by author, publisher, genres and more.

Bookmarking: The readers can mark the page with this tool to resume their reading.

Night Mode Reading: This feature diminishes the white light of the app and changes the backdrop to black and reduces the light emanating from the text colour. It gives eye comfort to the readers.

Language Translation: The feature of translating the book into a different language helps the readers to access the books by crossing the language barrier.

My Library: This is a great place in the app where you can store your read, unread books and find books for purchasing and downloading.

Customized Reading: The readers can customize their reading mode by adjusting font size, color, type and page layout, and navigation. This feature also includes highlighting the lines and adding notes on the eBooks.

In-App Dictionary: The users don’t need to go anywhere to find the meaning of any word. They can automatically find the meaning by highlighting a word.

Offline mode: This feature enables reading the eBooks in offline mode. It helps the users to read the book even in a remote place without any internet connection.

Text To Speech conversion: The aloud reading of the text can add value to the reading apps as it attracts a wide range of users like people who have some eye issues or suffer from chronic blindness. They can access the book with some hearing aids. This is the reason the craze for Audiobook is increasing.

In-App Payment: Integrating a payment gateway helps the users to purchase books or subscribe to the app by a multi-payment option like debit cards, credit cards and more.

Upload Content: This feature allows the writers to upload, update and edit their eBooks in the book reading app.

Social sharing and in-app community: After reading a book. The readers want to share their thoughts or write a review of the book in some community of like-minded people or on social media. Hence, adding this feature encourages the readers to read more books in the online book reading app. Kindle integrates Goodreads where the kindle readers can share reviews and rate the books.

You can hire a Book Reading Mobile App developer to implement these features in your online book reading app

How to generate revenue from a Book Reading Mobile App?

Book Reading Mobile App

There are many ways to generate revenue by increasing customer reach from such reading apps. These are as follows-

• Subscription Services:

This is the major source of monetization of your app. You can charge a membership fee based on monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription plans. You can also add some plans to access the premium features like audiobooks, unlimited downloads and more.

• Fee For Book Downloading

If can charge an amount from the readers to download the books for reading in the offline mode. The downloading charge varies from book to book.

• In-App Purchases

This facility allows the users to purchase an ebook or audiobook from the library of your book reading app. This is a great way to gain profit from this app.

• Additional Services for Authors:

You can generate revenue from the authors of the ebooks by promoting their ebooks, designing covers, and editing the contents. It also helps your book reading app to maintain the quality of the ebooks.

• Advertisement service:

Another way of monetization of an online book reading app is to add partners of the same client base and allows them to advertise their app on your platform and vice-versa. When the readers are redirected to the third-party app a d purchase some product or service, you’ll get a commission from them.

How Much Does IT Cost To Create a Book Reading Mobile App?

Create a Book Reading Mobile App

The cost of the development of an Online Book Reading App depends upon several factors like developing time, added features and functionalities, UI/UX design, operating platform, developer’s location and more. Considering those factors the average cost of book reading app like Kindle is ranging from USD 20,000 to USD 25,000+.


Now, people are moving from conventional book reading toward eBook reading as there are lots of facilities that we discussed in this article. So, it’ll be a great move for your business if you go for investing in Book Reading Mobile App. In this case, you need to consult with a good Mobile App Development Company for making a successful reading app that generates huge revenue for your business.

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