Nowadays, On-demand delivery apps are transforming our world by providing users with instant access to what they want. A user can request products or services to be delivered to their doorstep using an on-demand delivery mobile application. These apps have emerged as the blazing trends of the industry and are widely used to access a variety of services. They are a true lifesaver for people who are leading hectic lives. Different types of on-demand delivery apps are available in the mobile app market. Here, we’ll shed a light on Glovo Like successful On-demand delivery app development process.

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What is Glovo?

Glovo is a Barcelona-based Spanish on-demand delivery app that provides courier service and lets its users purchase the pickup and deliver almost any item within the city. Though they provide a variety of services, food delivery is their most popular. Glovo has operated its business in 23+ countries with 1.1K+ cities on mainland of Europe.

Interesting Facts about On-demand delivery app Glovo’s success:

Interesting Facts about Glovos success

The success story of Glovo inspires many entrepreneurs in On-demand delivery app development. Oscar Pierre, a 27-year-old Spanish entrepreneur founded this on-demand delivery startup in 2015. The Glove app has received over 30 million downloads in just 5 years.

Through the commission model, Glove earns 70 to 75% of total business revenue. The app made money by charging commissions to its partner stores in various cities. As a result, it became Glovo’s primary revenue source. This model also makes the app more economical and useful for the targeted users. Oscar now owns a successful readymade food delivery app development company.

How Glovo works?

As we’re going to discuss On-demand Delivery app development, we need to put on the light on how Glovo works or how many privileges it gives to its users.

• The users can discover nearby shops and restaurants in your city such as – groceries, wine shops, flower shops, pharmacies, and much more.

• The Users can order anything from nearby shops and restaurants within an hour.

• Customers will receive real-time updates on their ordered items as well as notifications of any promotions, deals, or updates.

• Glovo includes geolocation, allowing customers to track their delivery as well as the Glover (Couriers) with optimized speed and distance limit.

• One of Glovo’s useful features is the ability for users to create a favourite list of items or products.

The Market share of the On-demand Food Delivery App:

The Market share of the On-demand Food Delivery App

If you reflect on the market size of these types of apps, you’ll see the impact is increased after the Covid-19 pandemic condition. Now, people want everything at their doorstep. The recent statistic tells the global market size of Food delivery Apps will grow by $62,836.97 million in 2030 from 6,752.32 million in 2020 if it is growing at a CAGR of 25% from 2021 to 2030. This picture tells that investment in Glovo-like food delivery apps will be a wise decision. To create such an on-demand delivery app, you need to know the Glovo-like delivery app development cost.

Must-Have Features of Glovo-like apps:

To estimate the Glovo-like delivery app development cost you need to know the must-have features of the On-demand delivery app. Before creating this type of app, make sure that you have chosen the right Delivery App Development Company.

Any on-demand delivery app like Glovo consists of three different Panels. The features of the three panels are as follows.

User Panel:

• Users can easily sign in using their mobile number, email address, or social media login.

• Choose Location – Glovo allows customers to specify where they want their parcel delivered. The app filters the delivery agents who deliver to the selected location based on the user’s location.

• The search option to find out the suitable restaurants or shops in the city by using the advanced search filter option.

• Bookmark Option: Customers can save their favourite restaurants and stores using the bookmark option.

• Order Anything You Want – Users can order whatever they want. It simply has to be available in their local stores.

• Add to cart feature for listing before purchase.

• Check Order History – Users can view their order history and see which transactions they have completed on the app in the past.

• Multiple payment options: Customers have the option of selecting from a variety of payment methods.

• Chat Option: Customers can chat with shop and restaurant owners and delivery agents if they have any questions.

• Rating and Review: Customer can share their experience with the service.

Vendors’ Panel:

1. Log in and register their shops and restaurants to display their prepared-food items in the app.

2. Order management: They can accept and reject customers’ orders after their payment confirmation.

3. They can send a notification to the available food delivery persons and after delivering the order they can track their location by Real-time GPS tracking feature.

4. Storing the reviews and ratings from Customer’s helps the business to increase its visibility in the App.

Delivery person’s Panel:

• Delivery agents will be able to sign up easily, just like the other two panels.

• Order management allows agents to accept or reject orders based on product availability.

• Account history to check the total amount collected and the number of delivered items.

• The ability to communicate with customers via in-app calling.

Developing these three interfaces of the app and adding the must-have features are the most critical part of the On-demand delivery app development process. Other considerations include conducting market research for the targeted users, developing a business and revenue model, app prototyping, user-friendly interface design, the development process, and app testing.

Estimation of Glovo-like delivery app development cost:

If you want to estimate Glovo-like delivery app development cost, you need to consider the following factors.

• App platforms like android or iOS

• Innovative and Interactive UI/UX design

• Features and their complexity

• Third-party integration

• Development cost per hour

• Developer’s geographical location.

• Testing and maintenance of the app

• Time for development

So, considering the above-mentioned factors, an On-demand delivery app development cost will range from around $30,000 to $40,000.This delivery app development cost is for one platform with basic features.

Final Thought:

Glovo-like any On-demand delivery app development process is focused to provide its service to the comfort zone of the customers. This service generates huge profits in future in different ways like a commission from delivery charges, charges for store promotion, and a commission from advertisements and subscriptions. The delivery app development cost is nothing to the revenue you can earn from this app. You just need to focus on comprehensive research on the features of the app with the help of the experts rather than thinking much about Glovo like delivery app development cost. The experts like any reputed delivery app development Company can help you to design a perfectly functional app at the best price.

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