A business idea to offer an on-demand taxi app in this current scenario will definitely prove to be wise decision. People are looking for more personalized travel solutions where they can get immense flexibility and convenience to get into a cab. Grab taxi is a good example to follow the trend.  The way it has gained popularity in recent times is because of the ease of booking it offers to its users and some advanced and unique functionalities which add to users’ experiences. Both Grab and Uber are dominating the taxi booking market and are doing very well to cope up with the changing market dynamics. This post will offer you in-depth analysis on how to develop an app like Grab taxi by a Taxi App Development Company that can prove to be a game changer and you can develop your own brand in the taxi market.

What Makes Grab Taxi App Distinct?

Grab was the first Asia-based startup to launch online taxi booking services, and it predominantly operates in Asian countries. Now, the company has successfully expanded to western nations as well and has set benchmarks for most of its worldwide competitors. Apart from its main stream, that is taxi booking, Grab Taxi also offers 9 other services like Grab Car, Grab Hitch, Grab share, Grab Couch and many more that have added to its usefulness and the value that it offers to its users. Let’s get into some details that will help you develop a worth well taxi app to deliver value to your users.

So, a Grab Taxi-like will require you to develop three different panels; User panel, Driver panel, and Admin panel. We have jotted down all the features according to these panels.

Users Panel

Social media Registration & Login

Pickup & Drop Location

Real-time tracking of driver’s location

Check and Compare Fares

In-App payments

Push Notifications

Feedback & Reviews

Travelling History

Drivers Panel

Easy Registration

Comprehensive Driver’s Profile

Live Tracking& GPS Maps

Set Availability

Track Payment

Accept/Decline Bookings

Push Notifications


Driver Panel of Grab

Grab Driver Panel

Admin Panel

Create Sub Admins

Multi-level Admin Access

Complete Dashboard

Drivers/Travelers Management

Analytics & Reports

View Transaction History

Block Driver/Passenger

Add/Edit & Delete Profiles

Manage Payment Accounts

Driver Panel

These are some must-have features for your Grab Taxi-like app that you must consider while developing your app. Now let’s get started with the development approach.

Choosing an apt App Development Company

You have to be very particular regarding all the above-mentioned details including features and then select Grab-like app development company to develop your app. Doing good research will give you healthy insights. Visit their website, look for the company’s profile, especially, how many taxi apps they have delivered, types of technical resources they have or use, and then make a decision on this.

Wireframes & Designs

Once you have selected a suitable app development agency, the next thing to be worked upon will be wireframing. A wireframe will represent a rough sketch of how your app will look and perform. Ask them to come up with some innovative and unique UIs that can make your app look attractive without affecting its quality.

Back-end & Front-end development

The Back-end app development includes the type of programming language, coding, and other advanced software that will be used to develop your Grab Taxi-like app. Front-end development is related to that everything through which your users will be interacting while using the app. This is the most time taking period during the entire lifecycle of app development. Make sure that the Taxi App Development Company keeps you informed regularly regarding the software and technologies used for development and their possible outcomes and drawbacks. Communication at this stage plays very crucial role.

App Testing

This is another crucial stage of app development where the application software is tested on various parameters using scripts, tools, and test automation frameworks to identify any possible error. To get a bug-free app, testing keeps immense importance and this where you get to know how capable team you have hired for your app development process.

App Release & Updates

Once, all the development and testing aspects are executed, the company will launch your app on the app store on your behalf. The app must be easily downloadable and with a good speed.

The next thing is updating your app regularly to make it relevant for users as per the current market trend. Providing regular updates and software integration will keep it in demand.

Development Cost of an app like Grab Taxi

The total cost of developing an app like Grab Taxi will depend on various factors and the level of customization you have opted for. The development cost will depend on both geographical location of your Grab-like App Development Company and advanced features that you have asked the to incorporate. Still, to give you a rough idea, the total development cost for such an app will cost somewhere between $600,00 to 900,00.

If you really wish to gain advantage over your decision to have an app like Grab Taxi, you have to be very particular regarding each aspect mentioned this post. Hence, set your priorities, decide your budget, select a development agency, and then go for it.Hire Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai! Contact Us!

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