There is no exception to the intent behind launching a successful app.You want to make maximum out of your well-designed and robustly coded mobile app.  But that will be only possible when your app starts getting convincing number of downloads on the app stores. If it’s not the case, you are certainly lacking some basic app marketing concepts without which your app cannot create any value, neither for your business nor for your target audience. Hence, to make sure that your newly launched app is recognized and acclaimed by masses, you have to adopt certain techniques that will help your app to rank on the top among app store search results.

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The world of mobile apps has now become utterly competitive where only the smartest concepts can survive. There are millions of mobile apps available on both Apple and Google store and nearly 4000 apps are uploaded daily on Google store alone. Considering the scenario, you just can’t sit relax by developing a swift and smooth application and launching it on the app stores. This blog will offer crucial insights on how to boost your app downloads so that your app reaches maximum people and serves the purpose for which it was created.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization to boost your traffic

Just like Search Engine Optimization, SEO helps to increase your website’s ranking on Google search results, ASO also includes some techniques to help your app gain top ranking on the app stores. It’s all about visibility that counts in this digital era and to enhance your app’s visibility, you need to understand the way an app store works. Both Google and Apple stores perform differently and you may need a different approach towards both. ASO generally covers some basic concepts including:

Positive Reviews: The more positive reviews your app will have, the better it will rank on app stores.

Keyword Relevance: The more relevant keywords you use for your app, the better response it will get on app store search results.

App Description: You must use fresh and relevant content in describing your app on the app stores.

Location: Location is also a crucial factor to boost your app’s downloads. Target your audience depending on the regions and use relevant information accordingly.

Backlinks: By including backlinks to some relevant pages, you can certainly improve your app’s ranking.

Social Media: One of the most convincing aspects of ASO. Your app’s popularity among different social media platforms will also affect its ranking on app stores.

Choose an Appealing App Icon

The logo or the app icon is the first thing that a user notices on an app store. The design that you choose for your app’s logo will play a crucial role to boost your app downloads on app stores. It should be both impressive and relevant to what your app is going to offer users. The icon’s resemblance to an app’s functionalities will get the best response on app stores. Just make sure that it must be more of a relevant icon than lucrative.

Social Media Optimization

SMO is another effective technique to boost your app’s popularity on different social media platforms. Nowadays, people often follow products and services that are trending on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. App owners must focus on expanding their online presence on social networks and should try to engage audience in a conversational tone rather than using too much professional language. Decide the tone on the basis of your app’s category. Reply to comments and pay heed to feedbacks that your promotions get on different social media platforms.

App Description & Title

App Description & Title

This is another crucial aspect if you are looking forward to how to boost your app downloads. You must describe your app in the best possible way that must encourage users to read it and tempt them to download it. An interesting title also plays a crucial role in making a decision regarding your app. Use comprehensive content to describe your app and it must relate to features and functionalities that your app can offer to your users. Try to keep a unique title that distinguishes your app from others. Generally, an app store offers you 225-character limit to describe your app and you must make the best use this in helping a user to know what exactly is your app about and what users will gain out of it.

Effective Marketing Strategy

Effective Marketing Strategy

Marketing your app isn’t a one-time process that may yield maximum results within that time phrase. If your app isn’t gaining sufficient number of downloads, you must consider adopting full-fledged marketing strategy to help it gain required attention. Of course, this may require some extra budget too but investing on this will certainly bring fruitful results that will cover up all your costs and investments on app development and marketing.

Digital marketing has been much elaborated in recent few years where you have to focus on email marketing, SMS marketing, content marketing, app directory sites, influencer marketing and that everything that may help your app to gain quick attention from users.

Use Appealing Images & Videos

Another crucial aspect of your app’s description. Whatever images, screenshots, and videos you use in your app’s description plays a crucial role to help your gain maximum recognition. Ask your Android app development company to use images that highlight your niche and some most popular features that your app offers. Screenshots are also another important factor that user look for after finding your app on the app store. Use good explanations, captions, and arrows to help your user know maximum about your app and emphasize unique points of your app. Providing translated versions of your app’s description in different languages will also help your app cover maximum audience from different geographical locations.

Keep Monitoring Keyword Relevance

Keep Monitoring Keyword Relevance

Keywords are the words which fetch your app maximum users. Hence, you must prioritize using the best trendy keywords that may reflect your app’s features and functionalities to boost your app downloads. For instance, you have a food delivery app, now your list of keywords must include the word “food delivery” and you must also monitor its efficacy for a fixed time period. If that particular keyword is not yielding fruitful results, you may consider using words like “food ordering” or “Online food delivery”.  Keep changing the keywords (if required) according to user behavior and search patterns. This will help your app rank on top of search results if you find the best suitable keyword for it.

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