In the era of smartphones and their emerging technology, we cannot imagine a life without GPS navigation. Navigation is not only helping us to explore a location or find a route but, it also lets us stay connected with our family instead of staying in different places.

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Parents can be connected with their children by the GPS tracker and know about their location when they leave home. If somebody in the family is in danger, other family members can reach them by tracing the location. Moreover, if someone has lost his phone, he can track his phone by using a GPS tracking app from other members of the family.

From this concept, the modern technology of smartphones brings family locator apps. This type of app can track the locations of 4-5 family members and can also provide location history.

When you are thinking about developing such a type of app, the first thing that arises in your mind is the cost to develop a Family Locator App. Before discussing the cost, we’ll see the best family locator app for android at presen t time and which features of the app make it popular.

What is the 360 family locator app and how does it work?

360 Family Locator App

360 Family Locator App or Life360 is a trendy Geo-location tracking app. Many people consider it the best family locator app for android. Attractive features of Life 360 are-

• Real-time tracking and displaying the history of the past 30 days.

• Live location sharing option with a family member.

• Send an alert when some family member’s battery is down and show their exact location.

• If any family member drives over the speed, the app will send an alert.

• Challenge each member to reach a daily set of goals to burn calories.

• Send alert when children leave and arrive home and from school.

• Children or anybody in the family can send alerts to the other members in an emergency condition.

• This is also called a teen-monitoring app as it is very useful for the parents to track their teenagers without calling them again and again.

Tech Stacks of 360 family locator app:

This family locator app combines multiple tech stacks like GPS, MDM, telematics, and IoT and uses Bluetooth and WiFi of the device. GPS helps in real-time tracking and providing tracking history.

The telematics records driving mode and habits.

Must-have Features of a family locator app:

If you want to develop the Best Family Locator App For Android like Life360, you should add these features to your app.

• Family Groups

A user can make a single or multiple family group where they can share their locations and track each other locations.

• Driving Pattern & Habits Tracking:

A user can share their driving pattern within the family group. This is very helpful for the parents to monitor the driving habits and patterns of their youngers.

• Push notification:

Family members get alerted by the sets of notifications like, when their children reach school or return home or parents reach the office, etc.

• IoT Connections:

The family locator app should be connected to the other devices of the home like smart speakers, cameras, fires or any dangerous event and security alert for intruder entry and more.

• Real-time Location:

One member of the group can reach out to others at the time of distress like medical emergency, official needs or any accidents by using this real-time location tracking feature of the application like the 360 family locator app.

• SOS alert and Member nearby:

In the time of emergency, this application can show the user the member nearest to him or her that he or she can send SOS alert or help alert that member within the circle.

• Set Privacy Zones:

People do not like tracking all time. Sometimes they need some privacy. This feature helps the user to create a temporary privacy zone for a certain amount of time. During this period their location will be displayed as a stagnant zone as long as they do not face any trouble. Teenagers don’t like all-time interference from parents and parents are also feeling the same for them. So, all the members of the family can monitor each other without interfering their

• Chat with Members:

The member of the family can chat with each other via messaging and can share their locations and other things with this feature.

• Family Assistance:

The best family locator app for android offers a family assistance service for 24×7 hours. The robotic family assistant will know the whereabouts of the user and assist him in case of minor or major distress like a flat tire, minor accident, towing, low gas, etc. The live representative of this feature will also provide medical and roadside assistance.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Family Locator App Like Life360?

The cost of developing the best family locator app for android depends upon several factors, like,

• App platform like android or iOS.

• A number of features are integrated and their complexity.

• Third-party integration.

• The cost of the developers is based on their skills.

• Developer’s geographical location.

• Testing and maintenance of the app.

In rough estimation, the cost of developing a basic family locator app is around $15,000 to $20,000. If you add more complex features to your app, it’ll cost around $40,000. This charge also depends upon the location of the mobile development company. In the US, the charge of the developer is $70 to $250 per hour based on their experiences. In, India and UAE you can get skilled developers at the cost of $20 to $70 per hour. An experienced and expert mobile app development company can provide you with a fully functional application at the best price.

Final thought:

A family locator app is a priceless tool, especially for the parents to monitor their children’s location to save them from danger. People use this app for security, responsibility and getting peace of mind. This app provides a life-saving technological solution to the users. Hence, the tendency of using the 360 family locator app or its clone app is increasing exponentially. Apart from the 360 family locator app, Popular geo-location tracking apps are GPSWOX Family Locator, Verizon Smart Family and more.

The market is expected to witness an accelerating CAGR of 9% between 2020 and 2025

The global market of family locator app3 witnessed a YOY growth rate of 3.93% in 2020. It is expected that it‘ll increase at a CAGR of 9% within 2020-2025.

So, it’s no doubt that you’ll gain a huge profit if you develop a family locator app for your business. When you to a genuine Mobile App Development Company, they can show you different ways to generate revenue from this app and design a customized app to your requirement.

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