With the increasing availability of smartphones, people are looking for smart ways to buy products and services rather than roaming around the shop and standing in a long queue for a long time. This demand increases the trends of online shopping Shopping App like Lulu. 80% of Smartphone users use mobile apps for online shopping. This drift leads businesses to develop such E-commerce Apps and digitalize their shops to expand the customer base, sales and revenue.

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Lulu hypermarket is a popular retail industry in middle-east. They digitalize their retail business to the online shopping app on different platforms to reach out to a wide range of Smartphone users. If you are a hopeful business owner and want to Develop an Online Shopping App Like Lulu, you need to have an idea about the cost to develop such a mobile application.

What is LULU and how does it work?

Lulu International Group is an Abu Dhabi-based globally renowned retail and E-commerce sector, linked with a diverse range of businesses such as import exports, shipping, IT, trading, and Hypermarkets. Lulu hypermarket achieves tremendous popularity in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Qatar, and Indonesia.

Lulu Hypermarket app offers grocery items, meat products, seafood, organic products, and household essentials instantly to the customers and after buying, ships the products to their doorsteps.

The annual turnover of Lulu is USD 7.4 billion. Hence, if you wish to Develop an Online Shopping App Like Lulu, you must have to know how LuLu works and how the app generates revenue.

Lulu App is easy and very user-friendly and it works in the following ways.

1. The users can search multiple products and services with the advanced filter and add them to the cart.

2. When the customers confirm buying and pay online for the product, the store starts to prepare the product for shipping.

3. The delivery providers of Lulu come to the store to pick up the products and deliver those to the customers’ locations.

4. Customer can share their experience of purchasing products and give their feedback.

How Lulu App generates revenue?

How Lulu App generates revenue

To Develop an Online Shopping App like Lulu, you need to know how the App is generating revenue.

• Selling a product through stores, malls and apps is the main source of generating revenue.

• The popularity of the app helps it to earn from sponsorship and advertising.

• Another important revenue source is the commission taken from the seller after selling each product.

Online Shopping Apps Market size in UAE:

After balancing the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the market size of the e-commerce industry in the UAE was forecasted to grow from US$ 7 billion in 2020 to US$17 billion by 2025. This data defines the market of E-commerce apps as expanding exponentially. Thus investing in Online Shopping App Development UAE will generate good revenue for your business.

Key features of Online Shopping App like Lulu:

Key features of Online Shopping App like Lulu

Cost estimation of an Online shopping app like Lulu depends on the features you add to the app and their functionalities. Following are the key features to Develop an Online Shopping App like Lulu.

• Easy Registration Process

Easy sign-up process with an Email Id or Social media log-in Id helps users to register in the app quickly and start shopping immediately after that.

• Advanced Search Option and Filter

This feature improves the shopping experience of the users as they can find their desired item by using advanced filters with a single click.

• Wish List

The most noteworthy selling feature of Lulu app is its Wishlist where the users can store what they want to purchase later either when they get an offer on those products or when their pocket permits them to buy them.

• Safe and Secure Transaction Process

Data security of the online transaction is one of the most important features of any Online Shopping App Development UAE. If you hire a reputed iOS App Development company for developing your app, they will apply advanced technology for data encryption in your app.

• Adding To Digital Cart

This option lets the shopper add multiple products to the cart without leaving the current page. At the time of check out the cart will display the final amount to be paid for the products. It also helps the user to shop in a virtual store among 30,000+ products in a hassle-free manner.

• On-demand Product Delivery Methods

This feature allows the shopper to place their address where the product will be delivered and the app confirms a specific timeline for delivery.

• Real-Time Tracking

The integrated GPS feature helps the user to find the nearest store for shopping. It also helps in tracking the delivery of the purchased products.

• Push Notifications:

Push notification is an excellent way of engaging customers in the app by sending an alert about their product delivery and return updates, order confirmation, cancellation and more.

• Social Integration

Leveraging social media on your Online Shopping App Development UAE helps the users to share their reviews and feedback about shopping on social media. This also allows for brand expansion through indirect marketing.

• Multiple Payment Choices

Integration of Multiple-way payment systems through the app improves the shopping experience of the users as they can choose their preferred mode of payment from the app.

Cost to Develop an Online Shopping App like Lulu:

The estimated average cost of Online Shopping App Development UAE is based on several important factors and those are as follows.

• Number of App Platforms (Android or iOS)

• Features and functionalities of the app

• Technology

• Hourly rate Developers’

• Total Developing time

• Testing and maintenance cost

Accounting for these factors, the average cost to Develop an Online Shopping App like Lulu will be AED 45000 to AED 60000 in UAE.

Final thought:

All of the aforesaid factors will help you to estimate the average cost to Develop an Online Shopping App like Lulu though you need to consult with a reputed iOS App Development company and share your idea with them. Most business industries have concluded that hiring the best iOS App Development Company in UAE as the digital transformation partner will be a wise move for their business. It provides the facility of conducting secure transactions and making purchases online.

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