NowNow is the UAE-based fastest on-demand delivery app. This on-demand platform, owns by Noon, was introduced in mid-2020. It provides on-demand delivery service of everyday essentials, like, groceries, fresh foods, baked goods, medicines, electronics and many other things at the doorstep of the users within 60 minutes. NowNow is covering the Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah areas of UAE. However, the first thought that comes to mind before investing in such apps is how much it will Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App.

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Now people want everything in their comfort zone and save time for their purpose by avoiding outdoor shopping hassles. Therefore the popularity of such on-demand delivery mobile app development in dubai is growing by the day. The smartphone app allows you to order your essentials at any time and from any location in the city. As a result, many entrepreneurs and experienced businesses are focusing on developing such on-demand delivery apps to create massive money in the future.

Market share of the on-demand delivery app:

Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App

When you evaluate the market size of these types of apps, you’ll notice that the impact has grown since the Covid-19 pandemic. People nowadays want everything to be delivered to their door. As a result, according to statistics, the global market share of delivery Apps would increase by $62,836.97 million in 2030 from 6,752.32 million in 2020 if it grows at a 25% CAGR from 2021 to 2030. This image indicates that investing in NowNow-like on-demand delivery Mobile App Development in Dubai is a sensible move. So you should know how much it will Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App. But, make sure that you’ve hired Delivery App Development Company Dubai.

How NowNow works?

Before going to the part of the estimation of the Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App. You need to know the workflow of NowNow like on-demand delivery apps.

NowNow has worked with some of the top local merchants, including several pet stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, butcheries, and supermarkets to offer you the items you require. NowNow is here to save the day, whether you’ve run out of pet food or are in desperate need of some fresh vegetables for dinner. Log in to the app, explore the product categories, add the items to your cart, enter your address and payment information, and place your order. It means that any items you order will be delivered to your door in the blink of an eye. If you go to a reputed Delivery App Development Company they will add features to your app as per the workflow of your app.

Must-Have Features of On-demand Delivery App:

The cost of developing an app is highly dependent on its features. Hence, to estimate the Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App, you need to know about the must-have features of the NowNow like app. Any On-demand delivery app is operated by three different types of apps and one admin panel.

Those apps have different features based on the user’s activities. The key features of each app are discussed as follows.

Customer app:

It simplifies the ordering procedure for their customers. Any reputed App Development Company in Dubai build this app in a user-friendly way.

• Log in or register: The user can register them in the app to access it with their email address or through their social media profiles.

• Advanced Search: A search bar in the app where the user can use filters and sorting options to find the desired product or service.

• Push Notification: Customers obtain notifications about their order status, fresh offers, and discounts are updated.

• Real-time tracking: After confirming an order, the user can track it in real-time.

• Ratings and reviews: The user can share feedback on the service or order received.

• Placing orders: This option allows the users to place the order of his choice from the cart.

• Scheduling: The user can arrange the order delivery time after placing the order.

Online payment:

• The users need to confirm the order by choosing payment options, like credit/debit cards, PayPal or cash on delivery.

• Real-time message or call for service-based: The user can converse with the service providers as well as the delivery boy in real-time.

Service Providers or Merchants app:

Service Providers or Merchants app

This app helps merchants in managing orders and their business. You need to consider a leading Delivery App Development Company to design this app with the following key features.

• Real-time request: They will receive real-time requests for orders and services that the user demands.

• GPS navigation: They can track the order that the delivery boy was supposed to deliver.

• Payment analytics dashboard: They can check their payment from their dashboard by this option.

• Manage categories: If needed, the service providers can alter, add, update, and delete menu items.

• Order management: This option helps the merchants to easily handle several order requests.

• Sending a delivery request: They can send a request that the order be delivered by a nearby delivery man.

• Reports: They get comprehensive reports and analytical insight about the current and future state of the business.

Delivery person’s App:

This app assists the delivery persons to ensure on-time delivery of items placed. When you’ve hired Delivery App Development Company Dubai, they develop this app in a very user-friendly way.

• Simple Registration: The delivery persons need to log in or sign up to access this app by providing some information and important documents for verification.

• Accept delivery Requests: The delivery boys will be notified by the business owners of the order to pick up the ready-to-deliver orders with essential information..

• Accept/Reject a Request: The delivery persons can either accept or reject the delivery request based on their availability.

• Navigation: The delivery persons can use the integrated GPS service of this app to check the optimised routes for on-time delivery.

• Earnings: They can track their earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Admin Panel:

The admin panel is needed to control, manage, and track all business activities. If add the admin panel to your app, the Delivery App Development Company you’ve hired for this purpose will charge extra for that. It’ll increase the Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App. This panel is very important as its feature helps you to take your business to the next level.

• Manage users: The admin has full power over adding, removing, viewing, and managing all customer profile details.
• Analytics and reporting: Admin will obtain real-time reports on deliveries, earnings, and other metrics to help them make better business decisions.
• Add/remove business owners: The admin can add or remove merchants, as well as administer and manage several stores from a single location.
• Order and fleet tracking: The admin can check the fleet’s real-time status and track deliveries on a map using GPS tracking.
• Payment Gateway Integrations: By integrating an in-app payment gateway provider, the admin can track all collected payments in a variety of ways.

Each of these modules is significant in its own right, and all of the features mentioned above have been improved to produce outstanding outcomes. If you want these features to add to your app for seamless workflow, make sure that you’ve hired the right Delivery App Development Company Dubai. They’ll estimate the Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App based on the time required for developing the features.
Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App:
If you want to estimate Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App, you need to consider some factors, like the developer’s rate and location, app platforms, time for the development of features and the complexities of the app.
If you go to any Delivery App Development Company Dubai, to know the average estimated Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App like NowNow, it’ll give you the range between AED 35000 to AED 50000.

Wrap Up:

NowNow like on-demand delivery apps have the market’s fastest growing user base. So,
The way mobile app development in dubai is flourishing with different types of services, it is high time to invest in on-demand delivery app clones. When you have an idea about the workflow, key features and the Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App, you can plan for such mobile app development in dubai. The profit you can earn from this type of app, the Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App is very less for you.
Hence, if you have a unique idea for NowNow like on-demand delivery apps, employing the Best Delivery App Development Company to implement that idea can ensure your success. When you, know the Cost To Develop an On-demand Delivery App, you can easily proceed to the next step. That is hiring a Delivery App Development Company Dubai for developing your desired app at the best price.

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