A podcast is a series of verbal, digital audio file recordings that can either be listened online or downloaded for listening in future. Podcasts are very much interesting as they are either the jam-perked concept of crucial information or spiced with funny jokes. Unlike blog reading and video watching, Podcast can be listened to during moving or doing some other work. Hence, Podcast Application Development for an organization is a good approach to reaching out to a wide range of audiences.

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Market players of Podcast app:

Spotify Podcast, Google Podcast, SoundCloud, Stitcher Podcast

Types of Podcast Apps:

Types of Podcast Apps

1. Storytelling Podcasts

Here, fictional and non-fictional events are narrated through the stories. Journalists and media persons use this type of Podcast to reveal information or describe an event.

2. Hybrid Podcasts

In this type of Podcast, a host organizes the episodes with different guest speakers. Educational Institutes and Interview and Panel discussions use hybrid podcasts.

3. Repurposed Content

This Podcast consists of a series of interviews with celebrities, workshops, seminars and more. It must be informative and listeners can gain knowledge from this Repurposed content.

The market size of Podcast App:

Podcasts are growing prominent because of their user-friendliness and easy way of communicating with the audience. The global market for Podcast is valued at USD 11.46 billion in 2020. It is projected that it’ll grow from 2021 to 2028 at a CAGR of 31.1%. This data claims that investing in Podcast Application Development is no doubt a wise move for your business. Before that, you need to have an idea of the Podcast Application Development cost.

Key features of Podcast Application:

The cost to develop a Podcast app depends on several factors. The Podcast Application Development cost mainly depends on the features you add to the app and its complexity. Here, we’ll discuss the key features of the Podcast Application.

1. User account and Dashboard:

The easy sign-up process through Email ID or social media log-in ID helps the users to open a Podcast account quickly and stay on the application for a long period. The dashboard includes different tabs such as account details, settings, downloaded podcasts, listening statistics, and more.

2. Podcast Recorder & Editor

Users can record, edit and share their audio streaming through this feature.

3. Basic Voice Editing Tools

This tool helps the user to record their voice from a microphone, copy and paste audio clips, delete those from timeline and accounting audio on a waveform and more.

4. User Behavior Tracking

This feature is very essential for the admin panel to track and analyse the statistics of user data. Big data analytics integrated with the app helps in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of user data.

5. Voice Command Access

If the app is integrated with o AI and ML, it can deliver the deliver Podcasts based on the users’ interests and engage them in-app. By using voice commands users can find their desired audio stream.

6. Distribution to Podcast Libraries

With the integration of various libraries, user can expand their Podcast to thousands of potential listeners and distribute it to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Castbox, Overcast, iHeartRadio, Castro, and more.

7. Loyalty Programs

You can attract loyal users of your app by giving them reward points, special discount offers and free access to premium audiobooks. A unique loyalty program is a vital part of Podcast Application Development as it engages the audience in the app.

8. CRM System

A customer relationship management system allows the app admin to read the users, understand their pain-point and manage the user profiles and interactions.

9. CMS For Blogging

The app owner can create, manage and tailor the content published in the app as per the need of the specific Podcasts.

10. Real-Time Analytics

This feature lets the sales team of the application owner monitor the app performance and users’ activities in Real-time. With this feature, they find insights about the top-rated podcasts, new users, total downloading number over time and more. These data help in making significant data-driven decisions.

11. Promotion Tools

Integrating various types of marketing tools like emails, calls, text messages and more aids the app admin to enhance the user engagement rate in the app.

Latest Technology used in Podcast Application Development:

Latest Technology used in Podcast Application Development

Any well-recognized App Development Company UAE integrates the latest technologies in Podcast Application Development and these are as follows.

• Cloud Computing Solution- It helps the users to search and find any podcast with the relevant term.

• Digital wallet Solution- Integration of this technology with your app saves time in transactions. The user can track their paid services and the amount earned by their streaming.

• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AR/ML)- Leveraging this technology in the Podcast Application Development, helps in automating different features of the app and reducing human intervention.

Estimated Podcast Application Development cost:

When a reputed App Development Company UAE estimates the cost of Podcast Application Development, they consider the following dominant factors.

• Number of App Platforms (Android or iOS)

• Features and functionalities of the app

• Technology

• Hourly rate Developers’

• Total Developing time

• Testing and maintenance cost

These factors let you estimate the average cost to develop a Podcast Application. In the basic Podcast app, it’ll cost USD 20,000 to USD 25,000. If add some advanced features with the complex function, the Podcast Application Development cost will be USD 30,000 to USD 50,000.

Final Thought:

The podcast is a very demanding app at present as many people prefer audio streaming over videos. For this reason, the startups and known organizations both are interested to invest in Podcast Application Development.

Podcast offers the scope to those who want to deliver their tales to the world or who have a passion for speaking over. The guests and scholars share their thoughts and idea through the host by this audio streaming app. Hence, Podcast application is a good source of earning profits.

Many startups, as well as known organizations, are now willing to invest in Podcast Application Development. The estimation of Podcast Application Development costs will help them to fix the budget for their business.

If you too plan for designing your Podcast app with your idea, you should connect with an expert and share your thoughts about the customization of the application. A genuine App Development Company UAE can stand for you to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and technically advanced Podcast app based on your idea.

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