The recent rise of on-demand Home Maintenance Apps altered the lifestyle of people. Now, one can order everything required for home management with a few taps. On-demand home service apps provide the entire home based on-demand services from AC, freeze-like home appliance repairing, house cleaning, and house material shifting to house repairing with the help of local service providers. In this way, home maintenance apps are making lives easier for both users and service providers both.

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Funny is such a type of Home Maintenance App that has gained huge popularity in the UAE region. You can book your required service on the scheduled time and preferable budget by hiring a relevant professional from this app.

However, you might be inquisitive to know about how much it’ll Cost to Develop App Like Fanni in Dubai. Here is our guide that’ll help you to estimate the budget for developing such an app from a leading Home Maintenance App Development Company.

The market size of the Home Maintenance App:

Before going into the discussion about the Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App, we’ll see the future market share of these kinds of apps. According to recent data, the market of Home service apps will grow at a CAGR of 21.14% from 2022 to 2030. It is anticipated that it’ll reach USD 1,826.35 Million by 2030 from USD 370.86 Million in 2021. Hence, investing in Fanni like Home Maintenance App will be beneficial for business.

How Fanni works?

As you want to evaluate the Cost to Develop App Like Fanni in Dubai, you need to know about how Fanni works.

Fanni is a Dubai-based app released in 2016. Fanni typically operates in three easy stages. You must first choose a service. Then pick your spot carefully. Finally, based on the price and location, choose the option that best suits your demands. You can pick from a variety of home maintenance services that Fanni provides, like, Plumbing, home appliances repair, Surveillance, Camera, Insect and Pest Controlling, Electricity Problems, Carpentry, Mobile Repairing, Furniture Moving and more. They have access to highly qualified technicians. The Fanni app enables you to get in touch with top-notch handymen in real time and do tasks at reasonable costs.

Key features of the Home Maintenance app?

Key features of the Home Maintenance app

The Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App depends on how many features you want to add to your mobility solution. If you hire a reputed Home Maintenance App Development Company for creating this type of app, it’ll add the relevant features based on your business goal.

However, the Cost to Develop App Like Fanni in Dubai is measured by the features of this type of app. Like any other on-demand app, Fanny works on three panels- Customer, Service providers and Admin. Here, we’ll see the must-have features of Fanny like Home maintenance app.

• Creation of Use Profile:

The Customer as well as the service providers both has to create a user profile by providing a name, Email ID, Social media profile or phone number. After the verification process, when they get approval, they can access the app for taking and providing services.

• Advance search:

Users can find particular services from the search bar by using many advanced filters like budget, type of service, distance and more and book the service as per their requirement.

• Order request:

After finding the right service and service provider users can generate an order request. The service provider can accept or reject the order based on their convenience in real-time. You need to hire a genuine App Development Company in Dubai that has experience in creating these types of innovative features in the app.

• Navigation:

Integrated maps and GPS- tracking feature navigates the service providers to find the exact location of the customer and the optimised route enables them to tell the exact time to reach the customer’s location. The Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App also increases with the integrated technology to maintain the functionality of the app.

• In-app Communication:

The customer can communicate with the service providers in real-time with the help of the In-app chat feature. This communication helps them to solve any issue instantly regarding the service.

• Order history:

The users and the service providers can check their previous orders from the order history option with the date, time and cost. It helps the users to find the same service provider whose work satisfied them. The service providers can also take an account of their services and customers.

• Push Notification:

This feature notifies the users through SMS about any exciting offers, rewards, recommendations and important information about the app in real-time. It also reminds the users about incomplete bookings and the time to reach the service providers. It is a costly feature and no doubt it’ll raise the Cost to Develop App Like Fanni in Dubai. Hiring a top-rated Home Maintenance App Development Company will help you to add this type of feature cost-effectively.

• Payment gateway:

Integrated multiple third-party payment gateways help the user to complete the booking by using the In-app payment option. Partnering with the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai will help you to add this type of intricate feature to your app.

Estimated Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App:

Estimated Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App

Any reputed Home Maintenance App Development Company evaluates the Cost to Develop App Like Fanni in Dubai based on some crucial factors like the level of complexity of the application, UI/UX designs, features and functionalities, Developers’ rate based on their skills, duration of the project and more. Considering those factors the average Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App in Dubai will be between AED 35000 to AED 50000.

Final Thought:

Now, people want a one-stop solution for all. The need for an on-demand Home Maintenance App is continuously growing. It is the ideal time to capture this booming market by launching an exciting home service app like Fanni. The guidance about estimating the Cost to Develop App Like Fanni in Dubai will help you to plan for such an app. Once, you set a plan for a Home maintenance app, consult with a top-notch Home Maintenance App Development Company to know the exact Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App based on your business goal. If this company meets your demands cost-effectively, hire it for creating your high-quality and revenue–driven Home Maintenance App.

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