App technology in Dubai has become an indispensable part of our lives for more than a decade, and it has altered the way we access services around us. And here, you can’t deny how mobile app development in dubai has changed everything from modest everyday transactions to large purchases like a car. The people of the Gulf region tend to change their cars frequently. Selling the user car is one of their biggest problems of them. The company SellAnyCar used this pain point for their business and bought the platform of used car selling by empowering Car-selling App Development.

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The platform of a used car is always expanding as app development services have spread their wings to greater levels. A mobile app is your best buddy in this situation. If you are a used car dealer looking to spread your business to every corner of the globe, you must go for Car-selling App Development. This article will undoubtedly assist you to estimate the Cost To Develop a Car-selling App.

Market share of Used Car-selling App Development:

Market share of Used Car-selling App Development

Before going to the topic of Cost To Develop a Car-selling App, we’ll see its market share. The market for a new car is considerably slowing down. Comparatively, the market for used cars is steadily growing. It is expected that the global used car market will reach $1.97 billion from 2021 to 2028 from $1.179 billion in 2020 if it is growing at a healthy CAGR of 6.8%. This market value signifies immense growth in the business of used Car-selling App Development. If you have a used car selling service and planned for Car-selling App Development, you need to go to a Car-selling App Development Company to design your app.

What is SellAnyCar and how it works?

The founder &CEO of is Saygin Yalcin. This is the first car buying platform in the Middle East and provides the service of instant car buying, valuation, inspection and so on.

The SellAnyCar mobile app has made it easier to sell a car online by simplifying the purchasing and selling process and lowering the risk factors. They quickly assess the car’s value, make a reasonable offer, pay the seller immediately, and finish all documentation on their own. As a result of their user-friendly car-selling services, they have achieved tremendous success. You may also bring your Car-selling App Development ideas to life with the assistance of reputable mobile app development in dubai.

Why SellAnyCar is famous?

The success of SellAnyCar mobile app inspires many entrepreneurs and business organizations to invest in Car-selling App Development. Prior to considering the Cost To Develop a Car-selling App, you need to understand the reasons behind the success of this app.

• pioneered a secure and convenient method of selling a car in the Middle East.

• They provide a free evaluation of your vehicle regardless of model, manufacturer, or year. You’ll get a free automobile valuation service right away.

• They’ll offer you the greatest price for your vehicle after considering all circumstances. You no longer have to waste time and money on tiresome commercials.

• SellAnyCar offers free car de-registration as well as part-exchange offers and bank loan settlements.

• They are dedicated to providing their valued customers with a quick, easy, and transparent car buying experience.

If you want to provide these types of services to your customers, you need to build the features according to that with the help of the best App Development Company in Dubai.

Must-have Features of Car-selling App:

As you’re going to estimate the Cost To Develop a Car-selling App like SellAnyCar, you must have ideas of the basic features of the SellAnyCar app. It’ll help you in understanding the process of Car-selling App Development.

The car-selling app comprises three different types of panels and each panel has different features.

Admin Panel:

The admin panel is needed to control, manage, and track all business activities.

• Car listing- This function allows the admin to manage the listing of the car, including all relevant details.

• Dashboard- This is the dashboard where the administrator may track the total buy and total sell of used automobiles.

• Add & Delete Automobile- The administrator can add and remove car models from the listing.

• Manage Payment- This function allows administrators to manage the number of automobiles sold, allowing them to manage payment and decrease their commission on a sold car.

• Discounts and offers- It provides a great opportunity for potential clients to benefit from offers and discounts.

• Push Notification- With this function, the admin can send a notification to users telling them of new car arrivals or any other automobile-related information.

• Manage Dealers Account-This tool allows admin to control dealers’ accounts and add or delete dealers.

Dealer Panel:

This app helps dealers to provide the required services to the customers.

• Registration & Login-An obvious feature that allows vehicle dealers to register and log in with a unique ID to access the app.

• Add/Delete Car- With this capability, car sellers can delete and add cars to their car listings.

• Manage to price- It enables auto sellers to adjust the prices advertised beside the vehicles in response to rising demand or market fluctuations.

• Additional car services- This allows dealers to provide additional automotive-related services.

User Panel:

It simplifies the ordering procedure for the customers.

• Registration & Login- This is a standard feature that allows users to register and log in using the app. Adding a social media login here speeds up your access to the app.

• Users can utilise this to register their mobile phone numbers and email addresses. The most useful tool for directly getting on the board is the social login.

• Filters- This tool allows users to easily navigate the app and search for cars based on their preferences.

• Review Car Information- Using this tool, users may review the car and any other necessary information to learn more about the vehicle and its attributes.

• Car Compare- It allows customers to compare cars based on reviews and ratings, performance, features, and costs.

• Registration Form-This form allows users to obtain a quote for the car they are interested in purchasing.

• Test drive registration- Here, visitors can sign up for a test drive in a car that they are interested in purchasing.

• Exchange Car- This tool allows users to take advantage of available exchange deals with used cars and complete the transaction.

• Contact Car Dealer- With this tool, users may communicate with the car dealer and obtain additional information about the vehicle.

If you hire a reputed Car-selling App Development Company for your Car-selling App Development, it ensures that these features must be user-friendly and responsive. The total Cost To Develop a Car-selling App will depend on the features of the app.

How much does it Cost To Develop a Car-selling App?

If you want to calculate the average Cost To Develop a Car-selling App, you need to consider some factors, like the developers’ rate per hour basis and their locations, app platforms (Android/iOS), time for the development of features and the complexities and UI/UX design cost of the app.

If you hire a Car-selling App Development Company in Dubai, it’ll give you the average estimated Cost To Develop a Car-selling App like SellAnyCar. The total Car-selling App Development cost will range between AED 35000 to AED 55000. In terms of the app’s core structure, this is a ballpark estimate. You may have to pay less for a basic version, and the expenses may rise if your project requirements necessitate additional man-hours, efforts, and complexity.

Wrap up:

Whether you agree or disagree, creating a Car-selling App Development like SellAnyCar takes a lot of work. The process is undeniably challenging and requires active participation. The developers and designers make difficult decisions to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the development process, resulting in a worthy piece of workmanship after a difficult long walk.

So, when you have an idea about the Cost To Develop a Car-selling App and its features, you can easily hire the best Car-selling App Development Company to give the structure to your idea and build a better-performing app for your business.

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