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  • In total, there will 10 double-headers.
  • IPL 2020 has been started on September 19
  • Dubai will be under limelight till 10th November
  • During this tenure, four matches of Women’s T20 Challenge will be played
  • The IPL matches that will be played at night time start at 19:30 IST instead of the previous schedule at 20:00 IST.
  • The IPL played at the midday will start at 15:30 IST.

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Now when you have all the key details with you, it is time to pay attention to some other prospects. This year the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has hosted the Indian Premier League (IPL) that started in September 2020. Since the global pandemic has disturbed all the industries across the globe, the appearance of current technologies like IoT has a huge range of resurrecting the Sports business.

If you are a sports lover or a business owner, you must be stressed due to the ongoing global pandemic. But no need to get panic as you can enjoy some marvelous moments on your television. Yes, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is hosting the Indian Premier League (IPL) in its three prime locations Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Though, various precautions and technologies are used to make the game safe and secure for cricketers and other people.


To make the moment safe amid the global pandemic situation and boost the revenues agencies will have to stick to the SOP’s to bring protected surroundings for conducting IPL 2020 event. Coming from an elevated rising infected country in which cases are rising day by day like India, limitless replacements are endorsed in IPL 2020. This will make boost the physical condition and safety scenario in the United Arab Emirates and across the world. There are various health and fitness apps incorporated with IoT to check every player is fit and fine.

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The use of IoT technology will also save the sponsors of the event to take on with the deals without changes, giving them an economically strong environment to function in such difficult times. The group size per franchise will be 24 players.

How Does It Work?

The IoT provides the interconnectivity of devices using the internet. The cricket game is trouble-free. This year the cricketers are using SMART BAT consisting of the entrenched components in the form of minute sensors that arrest detailed parameters. The data captured in the IoT process are processed and then stored in a cloud organization that can be accessed by a desktop, web, or mobile application. The result is perfect! Thanks to the technology that can make a SMART STADIUM, too!

IOT In IPL Dubai

Few things that IOT has changed in IPL this year:

  • The players are using SMART HELMETS
  • IoT helps in the health and fitness segment in sports
  • This latest technology helps to sense the mental fitness of a player.
  • The IPL players are various tracking devices like smart bracelets that help athletes rehearsal without the help of any personal coaches.

SMART STADIUM is one of the striking inventions of IoT based technology.

The IoT has made the process smooth, and this pandemic has made a huge impact on their revenue. When you talk about new technology, it leads to the digitalization of business. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has started the Indian Premier League (IPL) in September 2020 and used the latest technology to avoid issues. Since pandemic has crippled industries crossways the globe, the appearance of modern technologies like IoT has a huge range of resurrecting the Sports business.


Overall, conducting IPL was crucial as will impact the revenue of the franchise. Thus adding digital platforms has made the process smooth and hassle-free. In the overall session, roughly, franchises would have undergone a profit loss of more than Rs 250 crore each if this year’s game was canceled.

But now the game has started, and the BCCI distributes seventy percent of the screen revenue from international cricket amid its members, at the same time, 26 percent of revenue goes to cricketers. The IPL income fills the BCCI treasury and helps the Board build infrastructure other things crucial for the cricket. This year Internet of things is going to play a crucial part in the IPL.

It is easy to connect physical devices with a digital medium thereby enhancing the real-time appearance is what an IoT technology preferably does. There’s no requirement of human interventions when the IoT sensors are used to pay equal attention to social distancing. Moreover, for an IoT app, you can connect with Fluper, a Mobile app development in Dubai that helps you create a feature-rich and scalable app efficiently.

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