With the advancement in the tech world, it is time to bridge the gap between the digital and physical world when it comes to the sports industry. Adopting new technology trends helps the sports sector to shape the game strategy in a more advanced manner that helps the coaches to analyze data via multiple devices in an efficient manner.

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As the world is becoming increasingly more digital every day, and there is no surprise that the professional sports industry is accelerating its acceptance of the IoT. As per market reports, the sports industry that is by now rough and ready estimated to be worth $620 billion in revenues per year, is continuously racing to connect with the digital world to boost revenues and audience growth. Without any doubt, the games are not only limited to the field anymore, there is something more to it that cannot be denied in any way.

Role Of IOT In The Sports Industry

With the change in technology trends, all the sectors are adopting mobile apps integrated with the latest technologies to stay ahead in the pace. Data analytics, IoT, AR, VR, artificial intelligence, and deep learning are speedily changing the ways fans connect with the product. It also offers ways through which people can make use of this technology in their businesses, and can boost the skills of the sports players.

The sports apps integrated with IoT technology help players to monitor, track, analyze, and perk up their performances just like health fitness apps.

As per the market data from Fund Global and Retail Technologies, the IoT sports tools are predicted to account for 7.5 percent of the total sports equipment marketplace by 2020, which is more as compared to 2.9 percent in the 2015 year.

This shows a huge opportunity for sports equipment manufacturers and retailers along with sports organizations that are in-contract. Let us have a look at some majestic sports equipment powered by the Internet of Things. Many organizations are utilizing IoT to improve their operations, better serve their players, and enhance the fan experience.

benefits of internet of things

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Benefits Of IOT In The Sports Industry

  • It is the best way to get thousands of Wi-Fi access points that keep the audience connected.
  • Smart eyewear displays
  • Boosts the entry process via fingerprint and retina access
  • Beacons technology to makes faster store check-outs
  • Scrutinize all building systems easily
  • Activate maintenance notification

How IOT Can Be Used In The Sports Industry?

1. Player Development

It can be used for the player development program to track and analyze the pints where the candidate is lacking. Combining superior analytics along with the sensors the trainers can effortlessly process enormous amounts of data to get metrics on player efficiency, player presentation, and opponent flaws to better build up an in-game line of attack.

2. Player Safety

Yes, IoT is not limited to boosting audience experience and player skills, but it also helps in maintaining safety. IoT is determining the method that sports medical doctor, physical psychotherapist, and team doctors can use to reduce injuries and help players heal quicker. With this, the medical experts can use embedded devices such as smart chips to give teams a large quantity of data that helps keep players fit and healthy.

3. Audience Engagement

In upcoming years, the IoT world is the stadium of the future, and it is crucial to allow them to engage with their preferred teams and sportsperson like never before. Many sports organizations are investing billions of dollars on boosting the experience so that fans and followers can enjoy their favorite sports with more comfort.

The Internet of Things is altering the sports industry for good reasons. By integrating the new ways and leveraging smart connected systems, the sports entities can impel more business operational efficiencies to improve the follower’s experience and generate incremental profits from diverse streams.


To summarize this section, we can say that the Internet of Things is competent of not just extending the ability for how sports teams can boost their market values, but it can also be used to enhance the player’s skills and safety. Using this technology in the right manner helps you in presenting an entirely new area of the sports world that is worthwhile to address.

The Sports organizations can build an app that helps them to stand immensely by executing a comprehensive IoT approach, and incorporated framework as technologies extent, and humans become more organized through diverse mediums of technology. The crux of this blog is that the sports world is ready for the benefits that IoT technology can bring to the game. But to get ready, you have to connect with a company that offers you mobile app development in Dubai as per your needs. Fluper is a top-rated IoT application development company having several years of experience to serve clients in the UAE. To know more, you can schedule a call today.

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