The state of mind in which we all living in. Something never expected to happen in the first place. What started out as a contained virus in China 5 months ago has now become a reason for the world to stay at their homes. News channels and newspapers even your social media platforms showing what coronavirus is all about and the damage it has caused all across the globe.

Talking about damages, you would be surprised to know that the world economy is going down the wrong lane. You see, super powers like the United States, Japan, and Russia are facing huge economic crisis. Which means the government rate has gone down to such an extent which we never thought to happen.

Things around ushave become completely strange because staying at homes something we are not accustomed to. Other than that, businesses are also speaking from their core since the work forceis asked to work from their homes.

Mobile App Development

However there is one industry that seems to be benefited from this outbreak. Mobile application development industry has witnessed a new opportunity to grow. Like I said that you not accustomed to set at our homes idle and maintaining social distance something you are not used to, we need things to keep us occupied and pass time while staying indoors. Apparently mobile applications proved to be a perfect fit for this situation. Since, people are not moving out to buy groceries and other necessities, they are using mobile applications to order their stuff online and get them delivered to their doorstep. This is one of the major reasons why the IT industry hasn’t experienced that much of a meltdown which most of the business ventures are facing out there now.

You won’t believe it but the mobile application development industry is holding up quite well during this virus pandemic. However, the Chaos and lockdown have definitely affected the process of software development. Smartphone manufacturing giants apple had to cancel it’s WWDC event, while Google on the other hand had to cancel its Google I/O annual meeting.

Without being said it has been made it obvious that if brands like Google and Apple couldn’t control they work process, things will definitely get a new start ups and other business ventures.

To help you understand more about the outbreak’s impact on the app development industry, we took the liberty to enlist some of the categories of mobile apps that are doing pretty well and some applications that are known to be sinking during this outbreak

1.Travel applications have taken a huge hit

1. Travel applications have taken a huge hit

For obvious reasons travel is not ranked amongst the most prioritised task these days. With lockdown clock ticking all around the world, people are stuck at their homes and are asked not to move out under any circumstances. There are great chances that even after the long down people might want to avoid planning holidays and exposing themselves to the head of getting infected to covid-19.

2.Taxi booking apps have become inexistence in nature

2. Taxi booking apps have become inexistence in nature

Taxi booking and travel applications have the same reason of going down the gutter. since people are asked to defend themselves from going outside and quarantine themselves don’t need cab services at all. It has been found that online taxi booking giants Uber and Ola have witnessed the lowest download rates ever. You won’t believe it, but Uber which was initially ranked amongst top 5 apps in travel category has now dropped down to 80.

3. Shopping apps are facing a boom

Shopping apps are facing a boom

Covid-19 has forced us to stay in doors but it hasn’t put a limit on us to stock up our supplies for these many days. People are using grocery shopping applications to fulfill their regular needs since they are getting their stuff delivered to their doorstep. Gone are the days when people were fighting over toilet paper and glass bottles of hand sanitizers. Now they don’t want to step out since they have turned back to mobile applications to order things and get them delivered.

4. Education apps are on the rise

Education apps are on the rise

With lockdown going on all across the world the government has decided to either cancel or postpone the exams. But that doesn’t mean they have put a stop on education services. All teachers and students are asked to carry out online classes. It has been found that almost every single school and coaching classes are using video conferencing apps and certain education apps to provide this students with appropriate teaching lessons. Moreover, it has been found that they are providing online assignments which students are asked to complete.

More and more people are downloading and using education apps to keep up with their curriculum. Google classroom came out on top as the number one education application which is being downloaded quite extensively.

5. Social media apps are becoming the go to ones

Social media apps are becoming the go to ones

These apps were being used greatly where head of the endemic but ever since the lockdown is initiated apps like Facebook Instagram and TikTok have seen a major growth in user engagement and the number of downloads. This applications, Houseparty also became one of the most popular apps. Dark in the days this app was ranking somewhere between 1492 in the overall ranking of social networking in Italy but now it has gone up to number one position.

Even Skype is ranking high these days since businesses and employees are using this application to carry out meetings. Other than that new social games are being developed on social media applications to keep people engaged and entertained in these tough times.

Wrap Up

If you still are planning on making an application during this pandemic then you’ve got rely on a top rated app development company. Speaking of which, it would be better to choose Fluper for app development as it has got the mobile developers and designers who will do anything to provide you with best possible services.


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