One of the criminally underrated alleys in the online lifestyle sector is also one of the most unexpected- laundry sectors. While the online food sector has completely come into its own with online giants like Zomato, Swiggy and other independent modes, especially in the post-pandemic haze, the online laundromat is a revolutionary concept holding a potential that is valued at USD 35.83 Billion in FY2020 and is forecast to grow at CAGR of 4.96% through the financial year 2026 owing to the constantly increasing working-class population and rise in disposable income.

The Indian Laundry Service Market can be popularly categorized into two different categories- the unorganized and the organized sector. The organized sector accounts for only 4.23% in the financial year 2020 when compared with the unorganized market penetration. The laundry service also includes the B2B ( Business to Business) and the B2C ( Business to Consumer ) activities. B2B usually encompasses activities like washing and ironing bed sheet and towels done by businesses from industries such as hospitality and healthcare, in the in-house laundry or by outsourcing it to the laundry service provider.

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Kanishka Mohan, associate partner at Redseer Consulting ( a distinguished management consultancy) comments, “Laundry is a daily and never-ending chore in almost every household. While there is immense scope for easing up the customer’s life through outsourcing, there is a critical mindset shift required to capture market share.” Internationally, laundry services are innovating across various customer communication points and grievances to simplify and integrate the process for the customer pool. Laundry presents a whole new set of challenges as compared to the food services or even online purchasing of various goods ranging from apparel to electronic appliances. Laundry might definitely imply clothes far from mint condition indicating wear and tear that might be aggravated unless the most stringent care measures are maintained.

Leading Cloud Laundry App Services

Leading Cloud Laundry Services

The current capitalistic lifestyle with the hustle culture on weekdays barely leaves any room to breathe where mundane yet extremely vital activities like laundry is an imposition. Some of the following companies have tapped into this huge pool and have achieved success stories regarding this complex operational process

Wassup Laundry – A Bangalore based laundromat service that has now branched out in Delhi Chennai and Cochin. Owned by Laundry Project Pvt. Ltd,  Wassup is India’s first initiative in the community-based Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service where the orders can be placed through a mobile application for the door pickup or customers can drop the clothes at the predefined drop off points.

Aap Ka Dhobi – An initiative that provides premium laundry services at affordable prices. Founded by a team of MBAs from IIM, Engineers from IIT & Chartered Accountants, the need for such services was personally felt by the founders in their move to new cities, and in locating trustworthy laundromats that would free their much needed weekends. Aap ka Dhobi comes with the unique guarantee of freshly laundered garments no matter the quantity or form just within 2 days and already serves more than 5000 satisfied customers.

PickMyLaundry – This Laundry app offers premium Laundry app services using a mobile application in Delhi and Gurgaon region including affordable laundry service with door to door pickup and delivery. The process includes imported chemicals and laundry machines to ensure perfect washes. Attractive options like Starching, Bleaching and Shoe cleaning services with a turnaround time of 2 days as per the convenience of the customer make it widely famous.

Dirk Da Dhobi – It was founded in April 2015, in Bangalore and is one of the first premium E-laundry services. With an exclusive 60,000 Sq. feet of facility space,  the company offers professional laundry services across Bangalore, with a turnaround time of just 48 hours at reasonable rates.

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A proper interface that guarantees care for the clothes and is truly invested in the needs of the customer is very important. The requirement of a good network system for the transit of the goods vis a vis delivery workers and thus a dedicated workforce and proper online transaction systems in place is of foremost cruciality. Fluper is one such website that integrates need-based, geographically mapped laundromat services with the idea of ease of interface and instruction so that the non-tech-savvy population can also very easily avail of this indispensable necessity.

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