Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzzword in app development industry that has transformed its entire landscape. The technology has become increasingly popular in recent years. Also, the global spending on AI systems has grown from 46.2 billion in 2020 to 79.2 billion in 2022. Mobile app development industry has witnessed several transformational changes ever since the concept of AI has been introduced to it. AI still has immense potential to be explored by app developers to make their processes and performances unmatched and result-oriented. Sectors like Healthcare, Finance, and education are also making optimum use of AI in their applications to enhance productivity and deliver results. In this blog, we will discuss how AI helps in delivering custom apps to make them more meaningful.

Personalization is the Key to Succeed

AI Personalization is the Key to Succeed

The world of mobile apps has got much diverse in past few years. Various researches have proven that people prefer apps that offer much customized options for their specific use. Apps like Amazon Prime, Spotify, Netflix, and many more have capitalized the concept of customization for optimum results. Hence, Android app development is now switching towards offering more customized experiences for users using AI algorithms. If you really want to stay competitive, offering customized iOS app development must be on priority for you.

Role of AI in Delivering Custom Apps

Role of AI in Delivering Custom Apps

As we all know, AI comes with the capability to offer human-like intelligence and make autonomous decisions based on it. The McKinsey Global Institute has categorized this field of computer science into five major categories.

Computer Vision: The concept primarily trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world around us. This enables them to identify and locate objects with great accuracy and react accordingly whatever they see.

Natural Language: Natural language processing enables a machine to understand a language based on relevant facts and information. The aim is to make a device capable of making sense out of texts and performing tasks like translations, spell check, and topic classification.

Virtual Assistants: An AI-based virtual assistant uses advanced AI, natural language processing, and machine learning to collect relevant information and complex data. The data is then comprehended by the device and information is processed accordingly.

Advanced Machine Learning: This technique enables software applications to predict outcomes based on data and facts available to it. Machine learning algorithms use historical or past data as an input to present new output values.

People are Crazy for Customized Apps

 Customized Apps using AI

Mobile App Development Company can use any of these efficient and proven concepts to bring more customization in user experiences.  There’s great demand for apps that offer customized features and functionalities that cater to specific needs of a user.

By collecting and analyzing customer data based on their behavior, location, language, and preferences, AI recommends better options for users. In the coming time, the next set of applications is going to be much intuitive and more interactive. By leveraging AI and Big Data to its potential, an iOS app development company can easily deliver perfectly customized apps.

Alexa is Setting Benchmarks in Customization

Amazon’s voice controlled assistant Alexa has set new standards for entire software development industry. The device has started integrating with a vast array of products and appliances to help people live a sophisticated life with utter comfort. Mobile and voice control can make a perfect combination to allow people access only what they want or need.

Delivering maximum customized AI-powered mobile apps will be an agenda for every business unit across the globe. Voice interfaces have allowed users to interact with apps in a seamless way making apps much intuitive regarding everyday language.

Making App Development Smarter

Here’s what AI can offer to mobile app development industry to enrich user experiences and set new standards for app development.

User-centric Experience: Use of AI in mobile apps will certainly make apps much smarter to understand a user’s requirement and deliver information accordingly.

Swift Development Process: Not only users but mobile app developers will also gain a lot from integrating AI in mobile apps. Custom app development will make SDLC much swifter and automated with enhanced accuracy level.

Use of Engaging Algorithms: Businesses are using AI algorithms into a broad range of products to keep users highly engaged with their apps.

Making Best Use of Device Hardware: AI-enabled mobile apps can collect data from hardware features of a device like GPS, camera, microphones, and voice notes. This will help apps to offer more personalized information to users.

Voice-based Search: AI also facilitates an Android app development company to integrate voice-based search feature. Moreover, use of past behavior patterns will aid an app to predict future actions of a user, allowing added customization to his search options.

AI & App Content

AI can also facilitate highly customized app content through recommended sections in the app. Offering rich content and that too, relevant for a user as per his interest will help an app to offer complete contentment.

Custom Maintenance

An AI-driven app can easily collect all information about users regarding their daily preferences and other critical details. This will help an Android app development company to collect crucial information about user behavior and choices and provide app maintenance services accordingly. Users love to see something new in their app and offering regular maintenance that specifically caters to their emerging needs will keep them engaged for long terms.

AI-powered Chatbots

Mobile app developers can make effective use of AI in delivering smart chatbots in mobile apps that can cater to different user queries. AI-powered chatbots like LivePerson and BOLD360 have already proven the worth of this technology in dealing user queries smartly and instantly.


Hope you must have found much-required information on how AI helps in delivering custom apps. Artificial Intelligence offers a vast scope for improvement in mobile app development. This will make apps smarter, intuitive, and user-centric based on information that is accessed by AI.

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