December 2019 is marked as that time the wind world first came across the deadly coronavirus. Back then we had no idea that this virus will force us to stay indoors, and yet here we are. Coronavirus is considered to be the first global public health crisis of the 21st century which is quite a crucial topic to worry about.

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What started out as a mild virus in Wuhan, China has rapped the world around its claws and doesn’t seem to let it go. as of now, the world has witnessed around 5.4 million COVID-19 positive cases and that is number is only expected to grow somewhat at a rapid rate. Since the world is under lockdown protocol, unemployment and economic crisis have taken over the state of mind of government all around the globe.

But before we jump right into this article, the first thing that you should know if there are no confirmed vaccines available for coronavirus which means the only thing that we can do in our part is staying indoors and avoiding public places as much as we can.

During this global lockdown, we realize how small we are and how well nature works without our consent. But there is one other thing that we came across and that is the beautiful technology we call artificial intelligence. You see, unlike any other piece of technology out there AI came out on top as a helping hand in the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. it has been found that projects that are directly related to pharmacy, medical, and hospital care or even mobility analysis are incorporating AI to reduce contagion and make progress along with delivering results.

As mentioned, app development companies and brands are working together to predict explain and manage different scenarios caused by COVID-19 by implementing ai-powered and machine learning projects. More concisely, this technology is being used to support and help those who need assistance in making decisions.

In this time of total chaos, medical brands, and pharmacies incorporating AI in three different ways.

  • In virus research and development of drugs
  • In the management of services and resources at Health care centers
  • And in the analysis of data to support public policy decisions that are aimed to manage this crisis

In terms of app development and it’s working nature, you’d be surprised to know that the progressions are being recorded at a modest face since there are so many unanswered questions revolving around this virus. But we have to give credit to the scientist were not giving up and researches who are breaking new ground every single day.

Quite recently, we came to know that scientists from Google on iPhone are working together to predict the protein structure of this virus which could be helpful to understand how it is going to evolve and how to control it.

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Last month, the Indian government launched the Aarogya Setu application which uses Bluetooth as the primary technology to let users know whether they are likely to get affected by this virus or not.

You’d be surprised to know the diffusion of global lockdown was made solely by taking data evidence in the account. Microsoft is also known to be working the human-machine teams which led to the introduction of data transformation institutes. Microsoft also stated that “since we are bringing together scientist academics and private companies together, we can expect more exploration towards the spread of COVID-19 with AI technology.”

Many brands and businesses out there are promoting the whole concept of development because the capability it has will definitely help us reach far beyond coronavirus. What we have to do, is look way past the current crisis and try to address the great potential AI technology brings in the future of healthcare.

Since AI is becoming more crucial, it has become an epicenter for investments. Now that you know how artificial intelligence is taking over the world and possibly this crisis, it would be right for us to say that other than just lying on medicines and public Health measures we need to rely more on technology because that could be the only crucial player available.


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