The outrage caused by the novel coronavirus has already taken many human lives globally. The vulnerability of this havoc disease has affected all age groups but the older people are more prone to it.Mobile App Development Company

Loss of taste and smell, problems in breathing are the signs of coronavirus knocking the door human system apart from the coughing and sneezing. With remedy yet to be made, people need to take their good care and stay safe.

As many precautions you can take in this torrid period will act as a boon. Here are some measures one should keep in mind to contain the spread of this unwanted virus.

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap for at least 30 seconds. This act should be done before eating or preparing food, after using the washroom, and most importantly if you are coming home from outside.
  2. Social distancing is an important aspect. You need to avoid crowds, if not, at least maintain a 2-meter distance from people around you.
  3. The most vital measure, do not put your hands on your face. The only medium this virus enters your body is via nose or mouth.
  4. Sanitize the surfaces which you regularly touch in your home. This practice will keep you and your loved ones safe.
  5. Avoid contacting people physically especially when you are outside. Use face masks and gloves whenever you go out.

Well, these are some preventive measures almost everyone has adapted in these unprecedented times. But are you aware of the fact of how technology has made its mark in this torrid period? Yes, you heard it right. Technology has stepped up as a helping hand for people of almost all age groups.

There are many ways through which people can indulge in their peace of mind. Below, I have mentioned some of them;

Video Calling

One of the brightest things to come forward in this period is video calling. Well, this leverage was always there for the people to take advantage of however, during COVID-19 when there are less or no social or individual meetings, video calling remained the only thing to get in contact with your loved ones and at least see them virtually if not physically.

For aging people, this turned out to be the best mode of communication in this torrid period.

Medical Aid

With numerous medical apps available on both Android and IOS platforms, it is now an easy task to order medicines and even books a consultation with a doctor right from your couch. With this act, people don’t have to go out which eventually has helped them follow the social distancing norm.

Online Groceries 

Well, groceries are something that falls under the category of daily needs. Unlike online shopping where you do not tend to shop regularly, groceries, dairy products are something which is needed almost every day.

With the help of various apps related to groceries and milk products, one can easily order sitting home. With this practice, once again the social distancing clause is not violated.

Health sensors and apps

This is one thing that has emerged as more than a necessity in this unwilling times. If we take the example of India, there’s one mobile app named ‘Arogya Setu’ which tracks millions of people daily. It helps in identifying people with high body temperature around you so that you can maintain distance from them.

For aging people, this is something which is very necessary and which could help them maintain their health with regular health check preposition the app has within.

Timely updates and information related to COVID-19

With the help of digital platforms, worldwide medical authorities can provide official and trustworthy information about COVID-19. If we talk about numbers, out of 193 United Nations members, 167 provides all the related information on their national portals, mobile applications, or immensely through social media platforms.

To gather all this information and implement the same, one needs to give their active participation.

Well, the integration of digital technology into the pandemic policy is already a boon. The above-mentioned measures could come in handy especially for aging people who are more vulnerable to the spread of this virus.

With almost every age group carrying a smartphone in their pocket, it is important to stay active and lend some interest in things related to the contention of COVID-19. To mitigate the epidemic and accurately scan people diagnosed with the virus, countries are already tracking smartphone data.

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It remains a critical procedure in many countries, but this is one of the measures many of the United Nations members are opting for.   


The immense increase of cases worldwide has ripped off the motivational factor among people. However, people need to influence themselves and remain self-motivated so that they could help people around them to follow the same practices. With despair lingering and the world in sheer disarray, self-care is the only measure one should look forward to, and we all should hope the vaccine for this launch sooner rather than later.

Richa Sharma

Enthusiastic for Technology, Richa Sharma has zeal in experimenting with her knowledge of Latest technologies. She keeps on updating her technical know-how thus pinning her name among the topmost COOs and her contribution is penned down by her thorough blogs on various technical aspects. She loves to decipher the latest technologies.

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