After four years, Google has finally introduced a new smart speaker, particularly designed to deliver top-quality audio. The sale of Nest Audio is now available from Oct 5 for $99. It is just like Google Home smart speaker with an upgraded 75 percent louder for a higher volume. This new device comes to the market after four years, but Google has ultimately released a successor to the Google Home smart speaker. In a hardware event, the company publicized the all-new Nest Audio for $99.Contact Fluper to hire mobile app developers

The new smart speaker comes equipped with a 75mm mid-woofer and 19mm tweeter, which is supposed to give you a fuller and more standard sound. In contrast to the new Google Home, Google claims it delivers about 50% more bass and 75% more sound tan it previous devices. The Nest Audio is well-matched with Google’s other range of smart speakers. That means you can join them together to participate in the same audio on each one at the same time or move it from speaker to speaker if you are going from one room to another.

The new audio speaker Google Assistant now responds more quickly compared to the new Google Home. It is because of the machine learning chip entrenched inside of it. That chip is similar to the one featured in the previous year’s Nest Mine. The new Nest smart speaker also comes with a sequence of touch controls on its surface, including the aptitude to lower the volume simply by a few taps on it. The previous devices were having a switch to turn the microphone. Before making the device available in the market, the speaker has gone through quite a lot of iterations, and the third-party integrations with smart assistants mainly failed to pan out sideways from basic tasks like listening to music.

For today the tech giant Google is busy launching its new speaker and it took an expand upon the features offered by the original Google Home smart speaker.

Google Nest Audio Features

The latest speaker functions just like the previous speakers in Google’s line. The new device comes with Google Assistant, so you can speedily and effortlessly tell it to play whatever you want. Google added the extra volume offered by the fresh Nest Audio speaker. This time the company custom-designed drivers and housed them in an area that helps squeeze out every small piece of sound possible.

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Google Nest Audio cost

This new home Nest Audio device is meant to be the center of attraction of a whole-home sound scheme, and it comes with a $99.99 cost tag. Google has finally released this in the US, Canada, and India on the Google Store and other major retailers on October 5. The new elegant piece is available in Chalk, Sky, Charcoal, Sand, and the new Sage. That means you should be able to hitch one that looks first-class in your space, whatever the decoration.
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