Today, the leading enterprise platform GO1 raised $40 million funding to expand its marketplace in North American and to increase its content providing network partners to reach to maximum audience. The platform has observed a huge recognition from past few months. The company whose platform helps do accurately things is announcing a huge expansion of its services in the upcoming time.

The series C funding announced by the company was led by Salesforce Ventures, M12 – Microsoft’s venture fund, Our Innovation Fund, and Madrona Venture Group and Seek Ltd. With this funding the enterprise platform has integrated its teams with Microsoft, so now users can use GO1 content openly using Microsoft’s enterprise-facing video and messaging platform. This integration with Microsoft will surely offer a flawless learning experience to the users at a time.


In addition to above, GO1 is an online learning platform that is primarily focused particularly on specialized training courses that help workers to boost their skills online. The start-up is Brisbane, Australia based and now has operations in San Francisco as well. The company is expanding at a fast speed to boost the level of engagement rate. This 5-year old platform gained a huge number of users during the Covid-19 situation and most of the users of the platforms are knowledge workers doing now doing their work from home.

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Andrew Barnes, CEO of GO1, in a statement that -“GO1’s growth over the last couple of months has been unprecedented and the use of online tools for training is now undergoing a structural shift,” said Andrew Barnes, CEO of GO1, in a statement. “It is gratifying to fill an important void right now as workers embrace online solutions. We are inspired about the future that we are building as we expand our platform with new mediums that reach millions of people every day with the content they need”- Andrew Barnes added further.

enterprise platform GO1 raised $40 million

The current funding series raised by the company is coming from a very well-built group. The Madrona Venture Group and Seek in the past also have sponsored various online courses and recruitment companies like FutureLearn, Coursera, and edtech start-ups. At present, the company has its offices in 4 continents and is continuously planning to grow its business. With this funding program, the learning program offered by the enterprise GO1’s service is both accessible as a separate product as well as an integrated one with Microsoft Teams. The integration help individuals discover, consume, distribute, and give their viewpoints about the resources from GO1’s library to understand online learning in a more advanced manner.

Nagraj Kashyap, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Global Head of M12, in a statement said that “GO1 has been critical for business continuity as organizations navigate the remote realities of COVID-19,” “The GO1 integration with Microsoft Teams offers a seamless learning experience at a time when 75 million people are using the application daily. We’re proud to invest in a solution helping keep employees learning and businesses growing through this time’’-they added further.

The 5-year old online learning and development platform is providing the best way to train the staff and customers. Along with GO1, there are various other companies in the marketplace that are offering this opportunity. Other enterprise platforms include Udemy and Coursera, which have both come to the enterprise after primarily focusing more on traditional education programs. Remarkably, GO1 is at this time is making all COVID-19 linked learning resources accessible for free to its users that will help them to grow and perform better in their jobs. This help during this time of disturbance and change makes its users feel supported.

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