Gmail users worldwide were alerted by the company about the email glitch issue of spam messages and notifications. The company confirms that the problem has been rectified.

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A few days back, social media platforms like Twitter were bombarded by complaint posts of Gmail users that they were receiving many unsafe and exploitative messages.  According to Forbes, the Gmail users were witnessing a significant delay and failure to send and receive email messages.

This email filters glitch was first encountered and raised by the Android Police. To some users, it felt as if the spam filters of the Gmail experienced a break fail. All the emails were appearing directly in the primary inbox of Gmail.

In the latest update regarding this issue, Google confirms its users that the problem has been verified.

People started experiencing this issue in late June and in the initial days of July. During this time, the most tarnished malware and spam filter with malicious content remained fully operational. Also, Gmail users continued to be confined by other features like link protection and installable security test, which apply to inbox messages.

The company also confirms that no Gmail users’ accounts were seized in the process. Further, Google even aware its users of reporting any suspicious email as spam if they find any.

These statistics conducted in the year 2018 show that there were more than1.5 billion Gmail active users all across the globe. Gmail is one of the mostly-used services of Google worldwide.

During the global pandemic of coronavirus, this service had gained a remarkable usage when organizations switched remotely working. It is also being told that this service is now more accessible by smartphone technology than computer systems or laptops.

With the advent of technology in the mobile app development world, the trend of Google Mail is increasing at a breakneck pace. With a Google email account, one can have complete access to the teams and employees with these web-based applications software and app. It is instrumental and beneficial for all types of businesses.

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With the world moving towards ‘going digital,’ the trend of receiving and sending emails is also becoming prevalent among the modern-age students and college-goers.

One of Gmail’s best things is that users can quickly and conveniently access their meaningful conversations and email anywhere where there is internet access. The prevalence of this communication platform is also famous. It is one of the most cost-effective and light-weight platforms that allows users to save and access their information related to photos, videos, and other useful data in less time.

Another best feature of the Gmail app is its storage process. One can never lose critical official or personal data with the help of this tool. Managing and controlling personal information has become a lot easier with Google Mail accounts. Now, people don’t have to worry about their phonebook contacts even when they want to switch their phones.

For people in business, the business Gmail account is backed up on the secured Google platform, which guarantees the data’s safety and security. You can easily access the data over a secured SSL-encrypted platform so no one can access your info. This communication platform also allows you to add other accounts like Hotmail and Yahoo accounts to organize and manage all your accounts easily.


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