Inspired by the global trend, the online food delivery market in India has reached a value of $4.35 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30% between 2021 to 2025. The way mobile apps have transformed the scenario in recent years, launching a food delivery app in India is a sure-shot way towards success and revenue generation. Growing population and hectic lifestyle have prompted people to order their favorite food online and get an instant doorstep delivery. Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, FoodPanda and many more food delivery apps have already created a buzz in the food delivery industry in India.

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Experts still expect a significant increase in this trend in the coming years as people depend more and more on ordering food online, avoiding the hassles of traffic and saving time to munch their favorite food from restaurants and hotels. In this blog, we will discuss food delivery app development cost in India and what you need to focus on before approaching the concept.

Key Factors to be Considered

  • Networking with Various Restaurants
  • Impressive UI/UX Design
  • Choosing right set of features
  • Approaching best development team
  • App Monetization Techniques
  • Advertising your food delivery app

Features of an Effective On-demand Food Delivery App

On-demand Food Delivery App

To get a fully functional on-demand food delivery app, you will need to develop four panels; customer side, delivery side, restaurant side, and admin panel. Each section must have these basic features and functionalities.

User Panel Features

User Panel Feature

  • User Registration
  • Restaurant Browsing
  • Food Ordering
  • Order Tracking
  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Push Notifications
  • Payment Options
  • In-app chat
  • History
  • Reviews & Ratings

Restaurant Panel Features

Restaurant Panel Features

  • Receiving Order Requests
  • Accept/Reject Orders
  • In-app chat
  • Payment Tracking
  • History

Delivery Panel Features

Delivery Feature

  • Sign-up
  • Accept/Reject Deliveries
  • Order Management
  • GPS Route Navigation
  • Notifications
  • History

Admin Panel Features

Admin Panel Feature of Food Delivery App

  • Menu Updates
  • Profile Management
  • Order Management
  • Payment Management
  • Availability Updates
  • Pricing
  • Analytics

These are only the basic or elementary features that most of the food delivery apps in India offer for their users. You can work upon your specific requirements and choose to add some more advanced features to gain an extra edge over the stiffly competitive environment.

Choosing the Best Food Delivery App Development Company

This is a crucial aspect in deciding the food delivery app development cost in India. App development agencies may charge you depending on project complexity, number of features and whether you choose to develop from scratch or already have a wireframe prepared by you.

Make sure that you perform thorough research and visit their profiles, especially, how many food delivery apps they have delivered successfully. Also, check for their clients’ reviews and ratings both on their website and on some rating agencies like Clutch and Glassdoor. Doing so, will give you valuable insights regarding food delivery app development.

Food Delivery App Development Cost in India

In India, the per hour app development cost is much lower than various other countries like Us, UK, Australia, and many more. It ranges between $ 20 to 100 on a per hour basis. Hence, you have the option to choose among these. Make sure that you don’t prioritize money over quality here. An expert food delivery development company will offer a robust, scalable, and highly compatible food delivery app that will perform exceptionally well without any bugs.

Developing an average food delivery app in India will cost somewhere between $20000 to 40000 (from scratch) and if you choose some highly advanced features and technologies like AI, ML, and AR/VR, the cost may go as high as $90000.

Ideal Tech Stacks for Developing Food Delivery App

Make sure that your development agency uses the best advanced tech stacks to develop your app. It’s very imperative to use the best tech stack as the performance of your food delivery app will depend completely on the type of tech stacks used and the expertise of the development team.

  • Programming Language: Java and Kotlin (Android) and Objective-C and Swift (iOS)
  • Restaurant Listing: GrubHub API
  • GPS Tracking: Google Places API (Android) and Core location Framework (iOS)
  • Payment Integration: Stripe and BrainTree
  • Navigation: Google Maps and Mapkit
  • Cloud: AWS and AZURE
  • Framework: Flutter and ReactNative (Android) and Adobe and Xamarin (iOS)
  • Registration: Facebook SDK
  • Storage: Amazon Cloud
  • Analytics: Google Analytics

Ask your food delivery app development company to use tech stacks among these as these are the most commonly used tech stacks used by worldwide expert developers for developing some most attractive apps.

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Before you approach food delivery app development, a well-planed strategy and extensive market research will be much helpful for you to gain maximum out of your investment. Hence, use the above-mentioned information and get on the work to launch an exceptional food delivery app with your best intuitive skills.

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