Fantasy game concept has swiftly gained worldwide recognition because of the virtual craze and excitement that it offers for its players through a mobile app. It offers immersive user experience that heightens thrill and excitement just like playing a real game. The teams in any fantasy sports league compete on the basis of statistical performance of the players in their real life. These performances are then converted into points and are compiled according to a roaster selected by teams’ managers. Ever since 1962, when this concept was launched for the first time as a fantasy football league, the mobile app development industry has given a new definition to this format.

Dream 11 is the most popular fantasy sports league in India with more than 50 million users. Cricket is a sport that is hugely followed by Indians and the app owner just realized the essence of this game for creating new excitement with its virtual version in form of a fantasy sports league. The concept is still in great demand where you can capitalize it by launching a fantasy sports league app like Dream11.

This blog will guide you on each aspect of developing a fantasy app like Dream11 so that you can make maximum out of this great and unique concept.

Understanding the Business Model of Dream11

Before you approach any iOS app development company in Dubai, it will be better to get acquainted with the business model of Dream11. The app allows users to sign up for free and select top 11 players from a pool of 30 players in the squad. Users select these players based on the upcoming real tournament and each player has its points based on his performance in real tournaments. The game offers cash prizes and rewards and can also access amazing cash contests.

Once you create a team of 11 players, you can start with the contest and the winners are eligible for exciting cash rewards. The total entry fees collected before the game must exceed the cash rewards. Each user is assigned a specific budget within which he has to select his favorite 11 players. For each match, there is a specific entry fee and this remains the main source of revenue for Dream11 fantasy sports league.

Each contest has a fixed winning amount and limited numbers of teams that are going to participate in a particular contest. Each user has a pre-defined time of submission of his team and entry fee.

Based on the total number of participant teams and amount collected through them, the amount for wining teams is decided and distributed as per their rankings.

Features to Develop App like Dream11

User Registration: Allow easy and straightforward process for users to register for your fantasy sports app. Social-media sign-up is a much-demanded feature these days.

Home Screen: This is where your users are going to land after completing their registration. Make sure that they see all details regarding matches, sports type, match category, and tournament name.

Contest Screen: Here, a user can view a comprehensive list of upcoming matches. Allow them to filter contest by entry fee range, contest type, winning price range, and contest size. Instruct your Android app development company in Dubai to make an elaborative contest screen including every possible information to make a user interested in the participation.

Join Contest: This is where a user will submit entry fee and join the contest.

Payment Modes: Add trusted and renowned payment modes to allow users make payment for their entry fee.

Create Own Contest: Allow users to create their own contests based on the details entered by him.

My Profile: This is where users can view their complete portfolio including all the data selected by them. Account details, reward points, winning amount, manage payments, ranking and there are many more sections that they view under this category.

Invite Friends & Earn Bonuses: This section allows users to invite their friends to join a contest. The more participants you get through your reference, higher will be your bonus amount.

Admin Panel Features

Ask your iOS app development company in Dubai to include these crucial features for effective management of your fantasy sports app.

Admin Login:This is where from you can login to your app and manage everything easily.

Dashboard: This section will offer complete information on total matches, participants, total earnings, and many more things that you will need to analyze from time-to-time.

Profile Management: You have complete access to all profiles and editing them as per your policies and requirement.

Manage Matches: You have complete control over the number matches that your app supports. Of course, you can make changes to different games according to their categories.

Manage Payments: You can view and collect the total amount submitted by participants and accept or reject any payment accordingly.

Manage Reports: There will various updated reports that you will need to generate like contestant reports, contest reports, earning report, match report, player ranking report and many more.

Best Tech Stacks to Develop an App like Dream11

You have to be very particular regarding the kind of tech stacks used to develop your Dream11 clone. Ask your Android app development company in Dubai to go for the best and advanced technologies to ensure smooth performance of your app.

Database: MongoDB, MySQL, and Hbase are some best databases that you can prefer.

Cloud: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are among top-rated cloud environment.

APIs: Entity Sports, Cricket API, and CricInfo are some best sports APIs that you can consider for your app.

Programming Language: Java, Bootstrap, and Angular.js are some best programming languages to develop bug-free fantasy sports app.

Push Notifications: Amazon SNS, Twilio, and AdPush are some most trusted options for sending push notifications in any app.

For Analytics:Hadoop, BigData, and Cisco are some renowned names in analytics that you can choose among.

Payment: PayPal, BrainTree, and Stripe are the best payment gateways that most ap development agencies prefer.

Cost to Develop Fantasy App like Dream 11

Developing an app like Dream11 is a major app development project that can only be handled by some top development agencies. All the above-mentioned features and functionalities will surely add to the cost of development.

Another factor that will decide cost to develop app like Dream11 is the geographical location of the app development company that you choose as different countries have varied per hour development rates. You can consider an app development agency from India or Middle East as these will offer affordable development rates with uncompromised precision and expertise over agile app development.

Still, to give you a rough idea about development cost of Dream11 clone, it will fall somewhere between $ 20000 to 25000. This will include designing, development, quality analysis & testing, and post-launch technical support. If you wish to choose some highly advanced features and top technologies, the cost will surely increase and may go up to $ 80000.

The time to develop app like Dream11 will be almost six months but only if you hire an expert app development company. Amateurs can take it as long as 8 to 12 months and that too, you will not find quality performance through their development.

Legal Aspects

In India, the Public Gambling Act 1867 clearly states that nothing can be coined as gambling and this applied to any game including skills to pay it anywhere anytime. Hence, fantasy sports are excluded from gambling in India and this is what you need to be sure to launch such an app in your country. However, in most of the countries, fantasy sports leagues are excluded from the gambling category but still, it’s better to confirm once.

We hope that you must have got a clear idea about how to approach developing a fantasy sports league app like Dream11 that can make wonders and help you gain instant recognition and make millionaire in few months.

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