Recently, Facebook revealed that it will release a new connectivity app named Discover to assist people who can’t afford to get information on the website through online access. This latest service of Facebook available via mobile web and Android app which allows people to go through any website in text format and consume a little bit of internet data, but make sure that you only visit the website in text format, not in the video, images, audio, and another format that consume a huge amount of data.

Facebook partners with mobile carriers in Bitel, Claro, Entel, and Movistar with Discover, which belongs to the company’s Free Basics project. Discover is available in Peru at the time of initial testing. In Peru, Discover provides users per day with 10 MB of free data. A Facebook speaker informs that the telecom provider decides the regular data allocation and hopes that Discover will give up to 20 MB a day to operators in other countries.

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We will assess how the people use Discover and the number of daily photos during the studios and may work in conjunction with our operator partners to improve the situation in the future, the speakers from Facebook added. The lack of video and image support ensures that users could load hundreds of web pages in one day without their storage allocation being depleted.

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Discover is the most recent attempt of Facebook’s internet access in recent years. offers unrestricted links to hundreds of websites on many continents, and Express Wi-Fi offers local shops in India with the ability to sell small bags of internet services. In India, the organization runs Facebook has collaborated to sell these data plans with over 10,000 stores and retailers in the world.

Facebook’s Discover App will allow People

We think it is especially important, during the Coronavirus epidemic, to discuss ways to keep people informed and to make health information and other online services more available. Coronavirus health services will be highlighted on Discover Homepage as part of our ongoing initiative to link people with reliable health information, said Yoav Zeevi, a Facebook product manager.

Facebook has also been investigated for its strategy and potential effects by the Free Basics project, which has helped millions of users, navigate the Internet. was blocked in India after local authorities claimed that the software violated the rules of net neutrality on the world’s second-largest internet market. Zeevi said the company heard the feedback and reacted to it by letting people visit all websites. To improve accessibility and access to open Web while helping to preserve privacy, our research on Explore has been aware among us — including our involvement in the Cloud deal, he said. The announcement of Discover was welcomed by Tim Berners-Lee’s network agreement. Checkout the Best Web Hosting Services Reviews That Will Actually Make Your Website Better.

Many other businesses are winding down their programs as Facebook extends its attempts to connect. Google halted a free Wi-Fi service earlier this year called a Station providing Internet connectivity to more than 400 India train stations in public spaces on many other markets. In 2018, Wikimedia closes its Wikipedia Zero program, a free online encyclopedia service that allowed more than 800 million users in 72 countries.


Facebook comes with a new app for users called Discover. The app allows users to online access various websites for free or with a little amount of internet data. But the important thing to notice is that it allows access of website in text format as you can’t access in image, audio, and video format as these format consumes heavy internet data.

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