Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms to connect with people and it regularly provides the latest update for its users to enhance their experience over social media. Recently, Facebook revealed that it will soon permit users to go on the virtual dates. It is planning to release the latest video calling feature through which the users of Facebook dating services can connect with each other and also perform video calls over its Messenger app.

The company told that it is an alternative solution over a real-world date. In this Coronavirus outbreak, the demand for such a feature is in its peak because this outbreak forced people to remain under lockdown and practice social distancing. But the important thing to notice is that it comes as the biggest obstacle for the company providing online dating services and connects people.

At present, lockdowns by the government have limited the places where the online dates will meet for their first date. In regions hit by the epidemic of Coronavirus like restaurants, stores, bars, and other shopping outlets are shut down. But even as these limitations lift, many of the users of the online dating platform remain afraid of encountering outsiders for the first time. Video chat offers a better and secure way to interact with your matches and explore potential connections.

Digital daters will invite a virtual match when the latest Facebook Dating app goes online. The receiver can choose to accept or refuse the bid through a pop-up. Once they accepted the invitation then to know each other, Facebook dating users are linked to a Facebook Messenger-powered video chat.

As the app is still being created, Facebook declined to provide further information about how it functions, including privacy and protection. But, Facebook is not the first online dating site to switch to video because of the pandemic. However, other competing dating systems have implemented video functionality before the Coronavirus occurred. For example, Bumble has spent approximately a year providing a voice and video call in its app. The app functions like a daily phone call or FaceTime for Apple. But users do not share their phone number or other personal details, such as an email address, making it easier.

This month the Match app also introduced video chat, which allows users to communicate via video calls. Match-owned Hinge has also established a “Simple Dating” prompt and is also planning an app for live video date, Match says. Plenty of Fish (PoF), another match resource, began live-streaming in March and offered individuals a new way to get together with friends and future matches.

The flagship Tinder app by Match Community does not yet have live video dates but provides users a way to add content to their profiles. In the after-COVID era, it would be almost odd not to provide such a feature for the company to comment on whether video dated was in Tinder’s works or not.

Many dating applications, including eHarmony and a range of less-known regular dating applications, also have introduced video sharing to better track their video tracking concepts.

Facebook promises that in the months to come, the app will roll out and be available for Facebook dating anywhere.

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