During this epidemic, each social media platform is helping people and provides support in their way. Now Facebook comes with news that it is going to expand its Community Help Hub to deliver better services to local communities during the COVID-19 epidemic. The Community hub of Facebook has been already seen important usage for those who are requesting food, deliveries, and information regarding local resources, and also use by volunteers and Charity groups willing to provide support.

But now, Facebook said that it will add more features to its Community help hub that allows people to support blood banks, local businesses, non-profits, and many more. The leading social media platform, Facebook confirmed that it will bring all these new features on 5th May. With the addition of these features, Facebook wants to enhance its Community hub.

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Recently, the Giving Tuesday charitable giving function is held on the Tuesday after blessing in the US just after back Friday and cyber Monday sales enfold. But in reply to the unparalleled need caused by the epidemic, Giving Tuesday declared an emergency day of giving, said Giving Tuesday Now. Now the new event decided to happen on 5th May means today and already has a large number of partners and supports which includes Facebook, PayPal, Ford, CDC Foundation, United Way, LinkedIn, GoFundMe, America’s Food Fund, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many more.


Starting tomorrow, Facebook members will head to Facebook.com/CovidSupport for Community Aid in order to purchase gift cards for local businesses, register to donate to local charities and fund-raisers, volunteer to be a nurse at local blood banks and find local jobs. In certain cases, the technologies and collaborations needed to start these features are already being developed by Facebook. Facebook, for example, began linking Facebook users to blood banks in 2017 and expanded last June’s US blood donors’ functionality.

Facebook to Expand its COVID-19 Community Help Hub

It also provides its fundraiser platform and announced last month that it was working on solutions that would allow corporations to provide their customers with gift cards on its site. After 2018 it has also focused on the jobs platform. Such activities will be concentrated on Tuesday in the Community Help Hub, giving them greater exposure.

Facebook is not the only forum that can support local businesses and non-profit agencies to introduce new technologies. Nextdoor, a Neighborhood social network has just released new apps to allow organizations to advertise their fundraisers and donation cards; Yelp has also provided businesses an ability to promote their virtual services; and Instagram has put together a variety of resources for corporations, including access to Facebook gift cards and stickers for buying food and more.

The major motive of Facebook behind expanding the Community Help hub is that the company wants to allow people to support each other during this epidemic and provide essential things as per the requirements of the needy people. The restored Community Help Hub is live, although the social media campaign regarding it is live on 5th May 2020, today.


During this COVID-10 outbreak, it is important to help each other and that’s why Facebook is planning to expand its Community Help hub. This hub is well-known for providing essential food, supplies, and information regarding local resources. Now, Facebook adds gift cards, jobs, and donation tools to its Community hub to provide better services during the COVID-19 epidemic.


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